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Sikhs Can’t Be Anti-India Or None Else 
- By Balbir Singh Sooch

As Sikhs have to take and demand their share as their ‘Sikh Rights’ finally out of India only. When, the Sikh Vichar Manch says, “Hindu hatred against the Sikh and Muslim minorities is the root cause for the constant genocide. A Sikh Sovereign State is the only answer for the calamity fallen upon the Sikhs. We, again thank him (then Mr. Bill Clinton the President of USA Washington) for the interest taken in Sikh Rights” only conveys Sikhs pending desires and aspirations.

But, when the same slogan or demand, ‘A Sikh Sovereign State or the demand of Sikh Rights’ was and is being raised at the instance of the Indian government agencies, it has altogether a different meaning and the slogan or demand of ‘A Sikh Sovereign State’ being used like a double edged weapon to eliminate and defame Sikhs, leveling them as the separatists and anti-India.

Sikhs are one of the co-sharers in India and thus can not be anti-India.

As to how Sikhs can be anti to their native land i.e. India as one of the co-sharers in India?

Whenever, the so-called nationalists in power or without power in India level any co-sharer in India as an enemy or anti-India, let it be Sikhs or Muslims or someone else as a class, may be minority or majority community, then, such leveled co-sharer for his own maximum benefits in India has legal right to get his share partitioned out of the jointly held land i.e. India.

It is the legal spirit, position and theme within the rule of law under the Constitution of India as far as, I understand law of the land and the Sikh Vichar Manch always advancing Sikhs claim of ‘Sikhs Rights’ legally only.

Hence, Sikhs can’t be anti-India, because they (Sikhs) have to take and demand their share as their ‘Sikh Rights’ finally out of India.


Balbir Singh Sooch, Advocate, Ludhiana

Chief and Spokesperson, Sikh Vichar Manch 

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