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Are these issues not debatable for justice?

Balbir Singh Sooch, Advocate, Ludhiana

Who is patriot in India?

The comparatively, where there is in the country, the self-respect and dignity of every individual is maintained, there people understand the value of liberty, respectful, smooth progressive living and patriotism and opt less for corruption and crime. In India like countries, even the most of progressive people allowed to be so only after they permit themselves to forget about their self-respect and dignity and asked to compromise. The lack and absence of liberty, respectful and smooth progressive living is one of the main reasons for the persons to choose for crime and corruption in India. Under the circumstances, who is patriot in India?

God May Bless Us 

No doubt devotion to supreme Guru ‘Sri Guru Granth Sahib’ through its teachings is the only solution of all our sufferings and answer of questions but still to satisfy our ego and project ourselves, we believe in disobeying than following the teachings-God may bless us. 

We carry on writing, asking questions not for constructive discussing, educating, enlightening, awakening or awareness of the masses but to let down and insult others by our knowledge, actions and utterances as you can experience now from corrupt and false leadership while they are preparing for coming elections of Punjab assembly. The many issues are being raised not to reform ourselves or bring reform in society but to replace and let down others to repeat the same and similar evils and misdeeds after winning the elections by hook and crook. 

Indian secularism is nothing but the living self styled and with malafide intention projected gurus, who are source of immorality and disease of religious aids for those believing them all divinely power and worship. 

Since ages like many other countries of the World, India is crowded by living self styled and with malafide intention projected gurus in different dress and style very well under the umbrella and in the knowledge of the respective government and its agencies. The menace of gurus is spreading more and more day by day due to maladministration and unjust system of management excluding welfare functions and education. It is more dangerous for the peaceful satisfied living of people all over than the presently spreading disease of AIDS. 

Could only the prayer, ‘God may bless us’ will help us, not the source of sanity gifted and provided by Almighty?

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