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By Balbir Singh Sooch 

Is Sorrow’s depth a pain or misfortune?
Or stinging you for respect or for what!
Differentiate to find sorrow or joy
You to decide not me

Don’t regret for the past hardship
What for to feel sorry
What for to be apologetic
What for to be repentant
What for to feel and be sorry

Apologetic! What for! For the hardship;
Misfortune; Pain; Grief; Sorrowfulness; Unhappiness; Trouble; Sadness; Distress; Heartache; Anguish; Angst; Misery; Woe; Depression; Gloom; Despondency; Nuisance; Wretchedness; Ache; Hurting; Hurt; Twinge; Sufferings; Agony; Torture; Torment and what not what??? 

Do you think my righteous sanity and truthfulness not anticipated the afflictions all?

What for, I involved in discontentment; Mourning; Melancholy; Remembrance; Hitch; Snag; Problem; Dilemma;  Mess; Danger; Difficulty; Despair; Soreness; Tenderness; Throbbing and plus Stinging; Nervousness;  Fear; Worry and  Fault-responsibility, liability and burden?  

Because, I, myself voluntarily participated in all.
It is reality of my life and may be similar of all.
It is rarely to enjoy and the majority may always regret! 

I don’t regret for the past hardship
I don’t feel sorry
What for to be apologetic
What for to be repentant
What for to feel and be sorry

After the righteous use of sanity and truth
I am able to admit and write only this much  

Consolation: I am not among the mean characters in the sense, when I say, “Whoever opposes corruption in India, he is always targeted in order to harm him by all so-called nationalists and the pro-establishment, mean characters, are encouraged to do so, as being personally experienced almost daily”. 

But, rest is in HIS hand and to be satisfied: ‘obey, O Nanak! The pre-ordained order of the Lord of wills i.e. ‘Hukam Rajai Chalna, Nanak Likhia Naal’.

February 21, 2009

Updated: Feb 22, 2009 7:58 AM

Sikhi’s Survival should not be Left as a Token of Identity Only 

Indian press does know that “Only freedom of expression without justice and welfare, in face of and in the presence of brutal police force, military and other paramilitary forces, serves always more to corrupt ruler than people in the system as existing in our country" that’s by government of India is sparing me so far otherwise there is no freedom of expression in India and the press is controlled and privileged to harm or defame any individual/family which must suite to the government of the day irrespective of any party etc. 

Please stress and emphasize more that the Sikhi’s survival should not be left as a token of identity only with Sikhs belonging to Dhande Di Sikhi (those who become Sikhs for commercial motives) and Bhekh Di Sikhi (those who accept Sikhism formally to imitate Sikhs for material gains and to exploit Sikhism for their ignoble ends) in connivance with SGPC/RSS/BJP/Congress fraudulently as it looks today within and abroad. 

With regards
Balbir Singh Sooch-Sikh Vichar Manch

February 22, 2009


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