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Oh! My critics! First be free from self
By Balbir Singh Sooch

Oh! My critics!
You are right and great!
Being shareholders and heroes
Beneficiaries at the cost of victims
of individual or State terrorism
Terrorist never may die free as I am here now 

Oh! My critics!
Whereas I oppose the theory!
And do each and every act at my own cost
without hiding and changing face
For the sake of victims and their justice
Never feel hired to do anything adverse to humanity! 

Oh! My critics!
You are right doing assigned task!
I am free to do something for victims
But it is not so with you like a slave parrot
My conscious says a lot to you but it is not so with you
History may correct you, I never be repenting like you! 

Oh! My critics!
Your master and you are right and great!
To distort history, to prove victims and me wrong
You are always in chains but victim and I to be always free
Nothing is wrong but your thought is not free like mine
First be free from self then wish similarly others to be free! 

28 June 2007

Cry for Justice
Human Rights
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Copyright Balbir Singh Sooch, Chief and Spokesperson, Sikh Vichar Manch, Ludhana, Punjab (India)