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Inflicted Pains
By Balbir Singh Sooch 

The inflicted pains, intentionally and deliberately, to us
And similarly to others will never go waste
One day, Nature has to play its own role
It may be taken and considered
As my religious belief or consolation
When, I look at my past and whatever, I wrote
With full concentration and treated in return
I only conclude that it was

desire and for what!
I do not know
Anyone may call it my imperfection
Or my full faith in God
Even I, myself do not know

On the similar lines and with the same idea in mind, I was consoling my family members for a very untimely, unexpected and painful death in my family recently on 31-12-2008.

Balbir Singh Sooch*

Soul left to join HIM for the reasons known to HIM
Foe and friends behaved in the manner
was the distress not known to HIM?
Oh! God Oh! God
but I donít know HIM

YOU tested our faith in HIM
YOU found distress no faith in HIM
What a funny? Is it our mistrust in HIM?
Oh! God Oh! God
but I donít know HIM

I have no capability to understand HIM
MY inability is my distress
It is known to HIM
Oh! God Oh! God
but I donít know HIM

Whoever like me doesnít trust HIM?
He is in distress or himself a god
 but there is no reply from HIM
Oh! God Oh! God
but I donít know HIM

YOU know but I donít know HIM
the distress because no faith in HIM
The gap between distress and FAITH
Oh! God Oh! God
but I donít know HIM

Make me strong to understand HIM
there wouldnít be distress when I have faith in HIM
I donít know myself what to talk of HIM
Oh! God Oh! God
Make me strong to know myself and HIM

Explanation: Here to my mind, Oh! God Oh! God (YOU) is a mere hypocrisy but we donít sincerely understand God (HIM).

January 7, 2009

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