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POEM: Day Dream
Balbir Singh Sooch

 Day dream is act of unawareness

Oh ruler! Your deception!

Not to pay and achieve anything

Awareness a key of success, gift of God

But superstition and blind faith a curse

Unawareness is misgiving and disbelief

Nothing for you without your consciousness

No use of day dreams, a lesson to man

Oh ruler! Your deception!


 To make empty plans, build castles in the air

Nothing but a deception with your own

Why to blame others who make empty plans

A fly flies, you think without the gift of God

 Man wish to fly from shoulders of a man

Fly is independent but not a man

Because man flies from shoulders of a man


 Have perception and realization

What is a man!!!

Really great, it is only a deception of man

Have alertness to understand a man

Nothing is high or low, awareness and deception

Makes a man so!!!


 A man who sacrificed his own

Let us go to him to have more

Who sacrificed his own???

What a deceitful act of a man

Goes to him who has sacrificed his own

Is he really a worshipper!

What to talk with him of God?

What a false and unconsciousness of man?

June 20, 2008

Cry for Justice
Human Rights
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