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A Communal Card of Freedom of Expression
By Balbir Singh Sooch

Though, M. F. Husain is no longer an Indian citizen
but, being remembered daily at high level and in the media
What for! He was in exile and now daily remembered?
Was it a victory of Indian democracy?
Or was it a politics of artistic freedom?
Or was it a communal card of democracy?
Whose freedom of expression was tolerated?
In Indian democracy and by the mainstream media!
Learn and grasp more, communicate less
The art of writing safely is more important than artistic freedom.
For the purpose, learn to operate law and be tactful
and must have a source to communicate widely
your thought and views at a time daringly and openly
Then, there can be an iota of freedom of expression
You may be safe after spade a spade call
And set aside the libelous remarks:
They do nothing except prick our conscience,
They are a burden on society
That’s why
We have hounded out Husain
And without a moral scar
Thrown him out to Qatar,”
as Khushwant Singh conveyed to all.
I enjoyed “the remarks by Asif Chaudhary:

An impressive and effective website.
A true representative of the Sikhs.

Sat Sri Akaal”

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Human Rights
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