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Dr. Kundan Singh Dhillon, the first Indian to receive the award from US President on July 4, 2009 


Obama to honour PAU pharmacologist


24 May 2009, 2212 hrs IST, Manmeet Singh, TNN


LUDHIANA: Former head of the department of pharmacology and parasitology, Punjab Agricultural University (PAU), has earned a rare honour for the state.


Dr Kundan Singh Dhillon will be conferred the Man of the Year award by American President Barack Obama at the World Forum, 2009, at a function hosted by the American Biographical Institute on July 4 at Washington DC.


Dr Dhillon is the first Indian to receive the award. A veterinary pharmacologist by profession, Dr Dhillon has done remarkable research on humans as well as animal problems.


His research works include migraine headache, role of zinc in ischemic cardiac injury and various neuronal degenerative disorders, including Alzheimer’s disease, parkinson’s in humans and mastitis, napier grass poisoning and haemoglobinuria in cattle.


Meanwhile, following in the footsteps of Dr Dhillon, Dr Jasmer Singh Khangoora, who became head of the same department, has found a place for himself in the Hall of Fame for distinguished accomplishments at Raleigh, North Carolina, American Biographical Institute (ABI) headquarters.


In PAU on Sunday to celebrate their achievement with former colleagues and friends, Dr Dhillon and Dr Khangoora talked about the findings of the research.


Dr Dhillon said trace elements played a vital role in the growth and normal functioning of an organism. Deficiency of zinc causes Alzheimer’s, he informed.


With Dr Dhillon’s name figuring in the list of 2000 outstanding intellectuals of the 20th century published by international biographical centre, Cambridge in 2001, has also served as one of the three members of the task force constituted by the Indian Council of Agricultural Research to carry out research in the degnala disease outbreak in north India in 1982.


To know more about Dr. Kundan Singh Dhillon:


It is a matter of honor and pride for ‘Sikh Vichar Manch’ who took recently initiative first to get published about Dhillon, Dr. Kundan Singh’s personality etc on and his work on Migraine treatment- The new horizon in research work published on www. website and also sent emails to various authorities and countries to that effect.

Dr. Kundan Singh must be proudly acknowledging it.

I do acknowledge his free of cost services for me and humanity by his very appreciable research work, for which he is being honored by US President on July 4, 2009.

Because of Dr. Kundan Singh Dhillon’s honor for his research work, I along with my family members send him and his family members who gave full cooperation to him in his work, the heartily congratulations for the achievement on this special occasion.

Balbir Singh Sooch-Sikh Vichar Manch
May 25, 2009

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City scientist to be honoured by US President on July 4  

Views of Dr. Kundan Singh Dhillon

Extract from the Selected Comments about the small book:
Why India is Devoid of Rule of Law.

Annexure 1: Comments: I

  • Through "Why India is devoid of Rule of Law?", S. Balbir Singh Sooch has made a detailed differential diagnosis of the malady which is eating away the vitals of Indian society. Issues raised in this article are thought provoking and predictions for future, along with remedies to be undertaken if someone be interested to eliminate these evils. Certainly the dragons of inequality and exploitation go hand in hand. Unless the menace of inequality is mended (though there seems to be little chance for it) tranquility in this society cannot be expected.
  • For any healthy society, three things, namely, truthfulness, contentment and thoughtfulness are vital but all the three have taken to wings. So there is a race to amass wealth (Laxmi) by hook or crook. Even the most rich are not content with what they have. Unhealthy competition to amass wealth and property at any cost has knocked out the brains of the common citizens.
  • Criminalization of politics has played a vital role for the present state of sagging standards in all spheres of life. This article of S. Sooch is a timely warning for the well wishers of this society (if there be any) and something needs to be done right away.

Dr. Kundan Singh Dhillon
M.S., Ph.D.

Dr. Kundan Singh is one of the 2000 outstanding intellectuals of the 20th century chosen by the International Biographical Centre Cambridge, England.

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