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Why Simranjit Singh Mann fared badly?

From: Balbir Singh Sooch
To: Amandeep Singh 
Date: Mar 3, 2007 2:31 PM
Subject: Re: Why Simranjit Singh Mann fared badly?
Mailed by:

Balbir Singh Sooch

Dear Amandeep Singh ji and like others,


You are saying same thing other way around. It is open fact being admitted & proclaimed so by the main functionaries of his party who encircled him till date for the reasons best known to them. The voters very well understood all this from them and they passed their positive verdict coolly. Now some young 'killer' is likely to take over the party to do the assigned task through his obedient team of the government 'Cats'.

Sardar Badal and his party men due to apprehension of danger to their lives fell into the lap of another Hindu communalist party i.e. BJP and still they continue so at the cost of Sikh tenets knowing well that there is no other alternative under the circumstances and its effect is visible on the young Sikh generation & nobody escaped from it. To my mind, the projection of "Scha Sauda" to that extent amounts to confession for our own failure on religious front if "Scha Sauda" effect is real and true. Other apprehensions may take place in religious field and would prove dangerous thereafter can not be ruled out.

Ultimately, Sikhs are to be sufferers and the political professional, businessmen, greedy etc nothing to lose and Deras etc will replace the glory of Sikhism and pessimistically it can be said that everything is now in the hand of nature i.e. to me GOD. The followers of ritualistic way of life are playing their own game as suits to them. Thank God, you are among those who are sitting in heaven and questioning everyone here and commenting freely without following any ideology and contribution except playing the tactics of divide and rule with your dollar power but at whose instance only God knows? I am very poor to comment and play the game under the influence of such power. 

You are also playing something fishy like others and did not choose to comment and make a point of discussion on my comments already sent to all as under:   


Sardar Simranjit Singh Mann remained encircled by his critics within and outside India and his own party functionaries. What are the reasons as to why he could not come out of it due to his own spinelessness despite being sincere to the cause or something else? It is all premature to discuss in detail at this stage. The way he is about to leave the command of his party further raises doubts and suspicion about him and his close functionaries as to whose instance he does all this?

In brief, it can safely be said that his critics sitting in safe heavens within or out of India and his associates proved like 'contract killers' for Sikhs all over in the past in the name of achieving goal of "Khalistan" but their real ulterior motives are to do selfish professional politics to collect dollars and protect their properties and business especially owned out of Punjab by remaining in news and supporting anti-Sikh forces.

No doubt, in the process, the Indian agencies stand exposed and the rest game of guessing, researching of unchecked killings the minorities in India under unnumbered pretexts shall continue by the impartial human activists and historians of the World till the freedom of all. 

I like to reproduce my brief article in this connection as under:  

Punjab political analysis in context of Sikhs

In India, the confused state of Sikh politics is further being exploited for personal reasons, keeping in mind the forth coming Punjab assembly election. The opportunists and greedy are busy to get their presence marked for the benefit of anti-Panthic forces. Now, who is agent of Indian agencies? It is difficult to say anything specifically at this junction. It is what the situation, the agencies wanted to create to harm the Sikhs politically. Who are assisting to target the Sikhs from within or outside at the instance of the agencies? Is it a fight between the stooges of the agencies? Are the political statements being given in state of frustration frequently by those who feel ignored by their masters at this stage? Who will awaken the Sikhs to answer these questions so that the position of Sikhs does not deteriorate and dilute further politically?

Who are advising Sikhs to ignore both Sardar Simranjit Singh Mann and Sardar Parkash Singh Badal in Indian style of democratic process and in the same breath pleading for peaceful means to achieve an end, they are biggest agent of Indian agencies as they leave no path to toe or methods for Sikhs to choose to get a respectable political status within India except saying to adopt to do or die means.

As has been said earlier, Sardar Simranjit Singh Mann is only sincere, relevant, capable and available in field i.e. Punjab (India) as a leader of Sikh masses who is symbol of Sikh demands/identity/aspirations. By putting your weight to his side, means you are voting genuinely in favour of your own aspirations and at the same time you are also supporting the cause of humanity. No-doubt, in the process, the anti Sikh forces may celebrate politically wherever they may be.

But there are chances that Sardar Simranjit Singh Mann's team might be a deciding force as to who should rule over Punjab after assembly election. It is all depends upon as to how the each voter feels to be a part of such a just force and cast his vote? In other words, Sardar Simranjit Singh Mann can be a balancing force and in case voters opt for his team then need not repent later on in this polluted democratic system of India and at least can rely upon him.

In case the voters opt for Badal (BJP) or Congress means no change in system of arbitrary rule which means a dictatorship of 'One Party' and again society has to face a rule of anarchy and unchecked corruption all over and balancing force shall be missing altogether. It all depends upon the way the voter is being educated to cast his vote.

Now question is as to how to escape from the enemies of progressive democracy based on balancing force i.e. the value based force of peace and justice for all, is main hurdle at this stage as the entire democratic system of India is nothing but only a agency network in real sense. It is also a main obstacle to create 'public opinion'. The name of the democratic system of India including Panjab can be called 'National Terrorism' i.e. the worst type of largest hidden dictatorship of the World.

The Sikhs who know and admit that there is no alternative and sincere leadership available except Sardar Simranjit Singh Mann but still they prefer to criticize him for nothing but only to please their masters to get their presence marked as per the set directives and policies of Indian agencies matter for the purpose. Who will advise to such agents to amend? Only time may answer or tell about it.  

FROM: Amandeep Singh

Date:  Mar 3, 2007 11:18 AM

Subject: Why Simranjit Singh Mann fared badly?

Mailed by:

I have seen numerous emails on the topic that why Simranjit Singh Mann fared badly? Many reasons have been given, but no one has touched the central issue. BADAL has very simple sentence to negate Mann "MANN is a CONGRESS AGENT" Inspite of all work, Mann has never been able to counter due to limited resources. Badal's propaganda machine is very well oiled due to reasons below: 

1. He is able to collect enough resources (people in government jobs and resultant money) while in power.
2. For other 5 years when he is not in power, he is able to sustain himself with SGPC resources.
3. Badal spends lot of resources on SGPC elections where only 25% voter turn up for elections.
4. All local Gurdwara elections in small colonies are influenced by Badal cronies.
5. Even BJP takes interest in local suburban gurdwara elections these days, as gurdwaras are democratic while Mandirs are owned by Pujaris.

So village folk and even educated city dwellers do not even consider voting for Mann. 

Respected Mr. ADS MANGAT JI,


Date: Mar 4, 2007 12:45 PM


by Balbir Singh Sooch

Mailed by:


You should have introduced me about being you are so great at the first instance itself and unnecessarily started questioning and testing me without having time to read and thirst to know anything to its grassroots level. Once I happened to see a person haughty, not so fair in colour, having very good height, clean shaven ignorantly ignoring all sitting around, only talking softly to the man to whom he might have hired for his egoist reasons and only replying ha, hi, hu, za to give impression that he knows only English and others sitting around might not be able to understand his language. Are you not same or similar type of person?  

Anyway you may or you may not be the same or similar type of person but it is clear that you are not less egoist. Moreover, you may in intoxication of your richness but afraid to write your full name and address while talking about Sikhi and for the people.  

Nothing can be expected in the larger interest from the persons like you as you reacted without going through my writings about Sikhi or for the people. Now you may understand that the real problem is created by the egoists like you and me and nobody is bothered for Sikhi and the people.  

I still wish to pay regards to you to satisfy your ego. Thanks for understanding the problem.

Now more egoists and opportunists may come forward to see the clash of words and give it new turn of bloodshed with a new agenda and questionnaires to set a stage again for their past days glory without caring about Sikhi or the people. Who shall be behind all this again, time has come to find out and understand the culprits. It may be another challenge before the present government and its agencies to keep peace in State of Punjab. 

Balbir Singh Sooch, Advocate, Ludhiana

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