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Letter to Learned Chief Guest 

Subject:  To offer honour, felicitation, praise congratulation, greeting in shape of encomium as A Granth
Granth (holy) of remembrance and recollections

RESPECTED Dr. Manmohan Singh Ji; I.A.S (Retd.)

# 84, Phase VII
Mohali (Chandigarh)
Mobile: 98145-67241
Dated: April 22, 2006 

Sardar Sahib,

 Sat Sri Akal! 

You did say something from the core of your heart about the cream of society in a very bad & bitter taste at Punjabi Bhavan, Ludhiana presiding as a Chief Guest on April 16, 2006 in a function organised to offer honour, felicitation, praise congratulation, greeting in shape of encomium as a Granth to Principal Surjit Singh Bhatia Ji. 

It is more like honoring the writers whose writings selected for the purpose. Similarly, I was advised to write in praise of renowned painter S. Sobha Singh ji and my article is included in his ‘holy Granth of remembrance and recollections’ mainly edited by prominent Printer, Writer and Editor of ‘Mir’, Punjabi Monthly Purdaman Singh Bedi of Jaswant Printers. I never read about or met respectable personality S. Sobha Singh ji but do heard his praise and vice versa. I feel myself honored more than the personality deserving by getting included my name in that Granth of his praise and in return I am obliging Sardar Purdaman Singh Bedi Ji and reciprocally he also does. How far it is always correct and genuine practice to do for those who can afford it? I attempted to project a tip of true memorial of a personally known holy and literary personality. It was of distaste to his near one for whom I was having nothing positive to write and with the result faced ugly situation affirmatively.             

Every word, you uttered as a Chief Guest, was more than judicial judgment regarding degradation of all forms of values and norms in every sphere of society presently leaving a few exceptions. 

You may be remembering, I approached you as a stranger and asked about your any written work based on your experiences. You promptly replied in negative and tried to shift the burden for your past silence saying that I thought more wise people may do it but spontaneously you agreed to my request commenting that ‘now I realized that none else is doing it’. 

I did some blunt but not “literary” work in this direction. As promised, it is being sent to you for your assessment with a submission that whatever the weaknesses, flaws, shortcomings and lapses you find therein, you must point out and at the same time you may remove those in your writings as yet to come for record and betterment of society. 


(1)   Why India Is Devoid of Rule of Law?

(2)   Samen Da Sachch (Sikh Dukhant)

(3)   Sarkari Zabar Di Dastan; Edited by sender.

(4)   January to June Issue of MIR-2006. 

You are also requested to log on at website (Free site):

 And please do refer my recent views/articles etc. 

With regards, hope for your acknowledge and frank comments 

Balbir Singh Sooch, Advocate, Ludhiana;

Cry for Justice
Human Rights
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