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A defamatory speech to cover up your falsehood and failures from Sikh Nation Let God may not bless you

Mr.Gursharan Singh,
Parliamentary Secretary,
Shiromani Akali Dal (Amritsar)

It is reply to your nasty play being played at this stage after thought and forwarding a concocted, false, bogus, unauthentic, illogical and baseless story regarding my professional conduct and embezzlement of funds etc. with ulterior motive and it is like unbecoming Sikh for you in view of your this falsehood in my case.  

Now it is beyond my imagination as how low a person like you sheltering under and in the name of Khalsa Panth can go and the question of any services cannot be expected from you or/and persons like you at all.  

Sikh Vichar Manch never used to be a fund raising and collection organization anytime and never collected any funds in the name of Sikh Vichar Manch or otherwise individually for any Panthic cause as you people are habitual to do it for your own greed and necessities without any positive out come and welfare for Sikh masses. 

I kept normal relation with Mr. DS Gill till June 2005 and thereafter I distanced my self from him without any dispute or quarrel on any such issue. I remained a member of IHRO for a short period and neither received any funds from him nor knew his sources for the same. As now you may be presuming that your falsehood may suite here for you to defame me after receiving my hard hitting letters and writings against your conduct and above normal activities of your party, thinking that it normally happens in such organizations regarding funds. 

I am in this legal profession since 1984 and nicely pulling on my family life with the income from my profession and pension. I accept the cases according to my own option and capacity. Forget about my income, in fact such a prestige stage and success story of exercising your own option and choice in this noble legal profession is rarely enjoyed i.e. only by the blessings of God. 

I am not money minded and it is well known in my close friends circle. I am sitting at such a place where making money has no end but I never opted to do so. It is also well known here in my profession regarding my professional conduct. Till date, nobody complained regarding my any professional misconduct what to talk of selling the information of brief to the opponents and it is well known to all who are in proximity/ propinquity with me. You crossed all your limits of lowness and low-breeding. 

You are cunningly with malafide intention attributing a unauthentic and baseless concocted story in order to harm me professionally which you can not do so by your mischievous behavior and defamatory act. I have full faith in God that you are unsuccessful and shall remain so to defame me but you might not be having such faith in God as a Sikh as you pose your self in this case.  

I am contemporary to the present situation and also duty bound in the larger interest to surface the true facts prevailed and my trustworthiness about facts during the sufferings of the people of Punjab especially Sikhs will be judged by them as my writings are the voice of the Sikhs and based on their sufferings experienced by me after hearing and seeing them in practice sitting at a open place. God does not assign such a good task to cheaters and opportunists. 

I know writings of mine about you and your party ‘Truth Tastes Bitter’ and it have to be presumed that you are far away from the ground realities and need to update your knowledge. Well you carry on your nasty play without any logic, God may not bless you! 

I have no ill-will and bitterness against any leader or individual but in the interest of masses those are being used or manipulated or sacrificed for selfish reasons to grab power by such so-called leaders, I have made a little effort i.e. to surface the actual facts so that truth may prevail and harrowing past may not be reiterated or repeated again and I succeeded. Thanks. 

Even still I have confidence that level of Sardar Simranjit Singh Mann as a leader is not so low like you. He may readily admit rather confess his failures to lead Sikhs and act to provide any relief for them in face of ‘State Repression and Terrorism’. 

Rest general masses especially Sikhs have to yet checkup your sacrifice for the Khalsa Panth in detail and I need also to collect the same for my self accordingly whether I should follow you or not in this game of deception. 

Balbir Singh Sooch
Chief and Spokesperson
Sikh Vichar Manch
July 26, 2007  

Central Jail, Ludhiana
July 11th, 2007
Thoughts from Jail
Vendetta, torture, fake encounters and lies 

By Balbir Singh Sooch, Advocate, Ludhiana

Respected Sardar Simranjit Singh Mann ji,
Waheguru ji ka Khalsa
Waheguru ji ki Fateh!

Thank God, now at least you are aware of that vendetta, torture and lies are also being committed against haves but I have experienced since my childhood other way around which you are, intentionally and deliberately, hiding and suppressing that as to how haves not and their families are pushed into crime World after vendetta, torture, fake encounters and lies etc?

The police, administration, politicians throughout India in order to collect money by way of corruption and illegal means for “democratic elections etc” through their touts, cats,  thieves and breed all type of criminality and adopt all third degree methods with the assistance of their official agencies to ruin middle and common families financially and physically for the purpose.

The Punjab is not exceptional as I am personally and closely experiencing and monitoring all this even today.

You are staying in Central Jail, Ludhiana might be and definitely comfortable comparing to all haves not who are at the mercy of police, administration, politicians and government agencies who finally decide their fate and advise them to permanently join the ‘Under-World’ or face consequences as is the modus operandi of Indian government for governance to this unmanaged country? In the present scenario, ultimately judiciary surrenders to be corrupt.

Are you not aware of all this?

I restrain myself to write more at this stage and submit before you to be open-minded and you should not become party to the brutal State machinery by only writing half truth for your selfish and political gains.

I wish that your prison period and the release from Jail may glorify your political future whereas others similarly working for the cause in other camps may and shall  carry on glorify themselves as usual by way of getting publicity by different foxy acts in Indian press etc at the cost of continuous sufferings of Sikhs.  

With regards and hope for the best 

Balbir Singh Sooch
Chief and Spokesperson
Sikh Vichar Manch
July 12, 2007

Who are the office bearers?

Who are those? Office bearers of Shiromani Akali Dal (Amritsar) etc actively or/and secretively always writing cheap notes etc on behalf of party, of their own and for others presently and in the past? 

  1. Are they also employed elsewhere or on the pay roll of any educational institutions/secret agencies officially or off the record or remained so in the past while handling the work of any political party or organization or any other political activities?
  1. If answer is ‘yes’ then it is pertinent to know whether being members, representatives or office bearers of such educational institutions/secret agencies can work  legally with any political party or organization or engage in any other political activities?

Balbir Singh Sooch
Chief and Spokesperson
Sikh Vichar Manch
July 24, 2007

Cry for Justice
Human Rights
  All Headlines  

Beneficiaries are waiting again for harrowing past? 

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afpxy bcfky, afpxIaF dukfnF `qy Pwty cmkfey,
lokF dy bwcy, pMQ dy lyKy lfey. 

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Auh dfa `qy bYTy ny,
dukfn `qy sOdf ikAuN nhIN, Psfd ny pfieaf?

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ieh rfs hY, AunHF nMU afieaf,
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asIN aiqvfd hY, Bjfieaf.

 hr iBRsLt qy PrybI aiqvfd nMU ipaf AuzIky,
dukfn bMd peI hY, sOdf nhIN afieaf,
bwcy myry KLUn pIxy ny,
jo Kwitaf sI, AunHF ny Kfieaf, sOdf nhIN afieaf.

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dukfn peI KflI hY, sOdf nhIN afieaf,
roj socdy hF, bwcf ikvyN jfvy, iksy df mrvfieaf? 

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pRfpqIaF ny hI sLyrF nMU stIl dy ipMjLiraF ivc pfieaf,
pfRpqIaF dI gwl krn vfilAu! jfAu!
kuwJ kro! asIN smJFgy, sfzI dukfn `qy sOdf afieaf

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