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The note is personally handed over to the Learned Finance Minister of Punjab, Sardar Manpreet Singh Badal on February 26, 2009 at Ludhiana 

What does it mean for Sikhs?
Political corruption the worst form
Because it’s consequences far-reaching

The Sikh Vichar Manch submits before the 36 Sikh organisations so formed or they may be 360 or 3600 or 36000 known as radicals or moderates, not to do any thing knowingly or unknowingly as a conduit in order to harm and plan helping the killings and the systematically persecuting the minorities, that is directly related to the corruption and the politics of vote bank to appease the majority communal vote bank.  

Presently, You are involving yourself for your selfish reasons and promotion as I personally witnessed the planned state terrorism since the year 1984 and the warriors left this world behind with their golden history, if not distorted and ignored, that would be remembered forever. 

Your conduct and actions for the selfish reasons and promotion are not different from the politicians, who do not consider the atrocities against the minorities as injustice, for the same reasons, within Indian system so far. 

I know like Justice (Retd.) Ajit Singh Bains, Chief of Punjab Human Rights Organisation, a few are among them committed for the cause to get justice in their own ways but not by corrupt means. Justice (Retd.) Ajit Singh Bains always voluntarily offered him to fight against injustice e.g. the atrocities of police and other forces, being openly committed due to political and bureaucratic corruption in India.  It always remained his agenda. 

Former Union Communications Minister Sukh Ram was sentenced to three years' imprisonment and the Learned Additional Sessions Judge V K Maheshwari observed, "Political corruption is the worst form because its consequences are far-reaching. When our leaders, who are the role models of society and whose actions should be above board, are themselves corrupt, how can we expect honesty and virtue from public at large?" "If the public servants are corrupt, the whole structure of society would get upset and the policies of the government, howsoever beneficial it may be, would be adversely affected," the judge noted. 

Former Union Communications Minister Sukh Ram was sentenced on 25-2-2009 to three years' imprisonment in a 13-year-old disproportionate assets case by a New Delhi court on Wednesday. A fine of Rs 2 lakh was also imposed on him under the Prevention of Corruption Act Ordering forfeiture of Rs 4.25 crore accumulated illegally by the 83-year-old Congress leader during his stint as a Cabinet minister in the P V Narasimha Rao government.  

In view of the above, as already submitted be cautious: 

 What does it mean for Sikhs? 

Buffer State means! Call it whatever you want, ‘Khalistan’ or something else, said Mann 

Is there anyone to take notice and suggest any remedy of the planned terrorism by the politicians.... always in open connivance with each other and the state machinery? 

After 36 'true Sikhs' i.e., 36 Sikh organisations agenda before Lok Sabha elections-2009 to counter Badal, now only Mann is in the field with the demand ‘Buffer state’ as poll agenda: Though no clarity so far about the demand!

Inflicted Pains


Balbir Singh Sooch

February 26, 2009

Cry for Justice
Human Rights
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