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The Chief Minister Parkash Singh Badal conveyed his terms and grievances more efficiently to UPA especially Congress

The CM Parkash Singh Badal is more seasoned politicians among all parties driving hard bargain.

He would not be lagging behind for taking assurances for stability of his government under all circumstances whatever may come, in case of supporting UPA on the issue of the N-deal.

When he says that the party had always kept interests of the Sikhs uppermost in its mind (including Sukhbir), the SAD would also not issue any whip on the nuke issue, also Badal hailed PM Manmohan Singh as an ‘able and respectable person’ but did not miss to say "PM is representing a party (Secular) which has always done grave injustice to Sikhs."

He has conveyed his terms and grievances more efficiently to support the best deal to UPA especially Congress.

I take liberty to guess that finally, after getting all the terms settled, NDA, Lefts and other parties would likely to choose to abstain on 22 July 2008 in the national interest to safeguard the honor of country, support the government and N-deal tactfully.

Balbir Singh Sooch, Advocate, Ludhiana
July 16, 2008

Published:   16, 2008

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Op-Ed Contributor

Punjabis Urged to Back PM on N-deal

Sikh Vichar Manch

Sikhs or Panjabis are not communal to support any party communal nationalism. Sikhs belonging to the fifth major Religion of the World are not communal and admittedly the teachings of Sikh Religion are rich in human values and beliefs comparatively as also clear from the greetings to Sikhs by the most politically powerful man of world as President of America Bush said "I send greetings to those celebrating the 300th anniversary of the Sikh Scriptures, Guru Granth Sahib.

Emphasizing the noble concepts of the Sikh faith, Sikhism teaches its followers to respect the equality of all people, defend the weak, lead lives of compassion and generosity, and work hard. By putting their beliefs and values into action, Sikhs honor God and provide comfort to countless individuals. I applaud the Sikh community for your respect for human life and your strong devotion to family and faith. With this message of compassion, humility, and love, Sikhs make the world a more peaceful and hopeful place."

N-deal and Arguing for support to it. The right thinking smaller groups, regional parties and individuals in the name of secularism or national interest on the Nuclear-deal, have a bright chance to compromise with UPA or enter into a new alliance or merge in the same for the coming Lok Sabha Elections likely to be held on time in 2009 after solving the remaining unsolved issues remained pending due to the confrontation and opposition of Lefts so far.

Some of the Akalis and others were forced to follow in violation the spirit of Sikh Religion due to numerous compelling odd reasons in India and elsewhere. But under the changed circumstances, once again they should trust and test congress and the parties supporting the N-deal and join the new alliance likely to become reality in view of the compromise seems to be in sight on the N-deal. The government of India under the gifted leadership of Dr. Manmohan Singh without facing any crisis would complete its full tenure of five years.

The Nuclear-deal as an historical step would be remembered forever mainly associating with the name of Prime Minister of India, Dr. Manmohan Singh and his open supporters on the issue in the history, keeping in mind the magnitude of their sincerity for the cause i.e. uplifting of downtrodden, sustainable development, peace and justice for all in India. As there is a sea change or change of heart in the approach of Communist Party of India-Marxists patriarch and former West Bengal Chief Minister, Jyoti Basu who rightly told the Red Brigade that the Left has already made its opposition to the nuclear deal clear by withdrawing its support to the government and so now there was no need to vote against the government as reported.

It seems the real Akalis and the other smaller groups/parties etc matter for the purpose should have already made up their mind and opinion to play a positive role i.e. not to vote against the government for the cause. The government of India would be successful.
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