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Bitter Truth for the Cause of Pollution

By Balbir Singh Sooch, Advocate, Ludhiana on 14 Nov 2007

The reasons behind the pollution as I personally experienced while staying in one of the most polluted areas till date are numerous. It is clear to all that the highest income group is always supported by the politicians due to his richness for its contribution to pollution of any kind including adulteration in various food items. The complainant has to be silent or compromise under unbearable threat of the influential group.

The suo motu action by department concerned is almost negligible to prevent the evils in every field for the reason of the active connivance. The party in power does not allow to function ‘The pollution Control Board etc or any staff concerned’ as per law in its respective area in order to maintain its vote bank and collecting heavy amount of funds from the group responsible for the pollution in the area.

The polluter openly challenges to the aggrieved that he can do nothing except the polluter has to increase monthly i.e. bribe to the staff of ‘The pollution Control Board’ etc concerned to wash out or to make his complaint ineffective for ever. The Pollution Control Board etc staff do not hesitate to confess off the record logically that when complainant and the staff becomes helpless then only our turn comes to accept bribe from the polluter for declaring the complaint as un-actionable.

Thus we as staff members of the Board etc cooperate in contribution of pollution finally and opt not to remain clean and accept monthly. In fact, such polluters are rich as well as keep alliance with local police to top directly and indirectly for different reasons. Hence, it is safe to say that thief has hands in glove with the master i.e. politician being himself ruler and police who is not at all with the poor or aggrieved in India-Balbir Singh Sooch, Advocate, Ludhiana-

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