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Murder of Mahatma Gandhi-A View

I read a book, ‘Murder of Mahatma Gandhi’ and gathered an impression that first to kill Gandhi struck to the mind of Mr. Narayan Apte and he was more determined to execute the plan but Mr. Nathuram Godse was not having any family responsibilities so he took the responsibility for himself to kill Gandhi ji for insulting Hindu sentiments religiously and putting them in loss economically under the threat of fast immediately after independence. Both took decision collectively to kill him considering that Gandhi is always, intentionally and deliberately, presuming and proving Hindus as weak wrongly.  

To my mind, Gandhi ji - Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi (October 2, 1869January 30, 1948) used always weapon of fast with an idea though hidden, in order to incite the communities against each other and with the same weapon he pressurized Dr. Bhimrao Ramji Ambedkar (April 14, 1891 December 6, 1956) in 1932, molding him to abandon his demands. (Mahatma) Gandhi never shall be known as a worshiper of non-violence by judging him from his actions and utterances. To my experience, every human is spiritual to some extent but not so deceptive politically like Gandhi i.e. India's "Father of the Nation".  

As Gandhi ji himself pleaded that if Sikhs demands based on promises were not accepted then what for sword is with them? If (Mahatma) Gandhi is really ‘Father of the Nation’ even today then his words do permit Sikhs to resort to violence to get their demands accepted. Is the government of India ready and willing to accept the promises made by him or allow Sikhs to act according to the advice of Father of your Nation? 

In fact, non-cooperation movements and resorting to fast tactics, (Mahatma) Gandhi copied from the past great personalities as the weapons of violence i.e. for agitating the masses to become violent for the specific cause and with an aim in a planned manner in mind but withdrawing himself cunningly to disown his own men, keeping the leaderless masses fighting for the cause violently. Though, he never admitted that the weapons are borrowed and copied by him.   

But the time may come when Mahatma Gandhi would never be known or called as Father of the Nation even by Hindus. Mr. Narayan Apte and Mr. Nathuram Godse would be more respected heroes of all especially Hindus for many more other reasons might come out later on to the knowledge of masses. Indian people must and have always to repent for hanging the two heroes Mr. Narayan Apte and Mr. Nathuram Godse of India.   

For the reason, Mr. Narayan Apte remained in high spirit till end comparatively thinking that it was only his job though the act was performed alone by Mr. Nathuram Godse in furtherance of their common intention. Eradicate the menace of violence taught so far. 

I expressed my views and exposed my mind on the subject as a student of political science and law but always liable to be corrected by those who differ with me in this regard. 

With regards to all
Balbir Singh Sooch, Advocate, Ludhiana
February 1, 2008

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