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Welcome to the Sikh Vichar Manch-Thought Provoking Forum for Justice



Elements dictating their terms for provocations from their hide outs or openly to disturb peace  and creating social agony for others-The Governments concerned may note for appropriate, adequate and effective remedial action

The well-wishers of Khalsa Panth,
Waheguru ji ka Khalsa
Waheguru ji ki Fateh

And the mischievous characters, the terrorists and the agents of their respective lawlessness agencies in India and abroad (My critics are free to decide as to what category they belong but I am sure that their ‘Masters’ do know them very well) may please again note as earlier advised by in response to a email: Please read my writing carefully before asking questions like a boss. I cannot frequently project every part of State terrorism to terrorize common people like you to become a part of State machinery on the dictation of someone in the matter’.

Some of the notorious characters staying in different camps are raising queries and directing to do this and that then challenging and publishing at the instance of someone with ulterior motive to defame & harm and to see unrest in Punjab and elsewhere all the times by hook and crook and also for other reasons best known to them. I think this mentality is their source of business.

(Reply of a query)

The views about “The Taruna Dal- Nihang Chief Ajit Singh Puhla” written on 15 August 2004 with reference as under already widely circulated by me and part of it published also in August 2005 ‘Fatehnama’ at page 31(Please refer quoted magazine of the month or inquire but it can be said safely that some of them have no knowledge except playing like puppets.

SikhVichar Manch is not acting as a hired forum like some others but do raise its voice for justice within its ability and capacity without any greed.

The Governments concerned may note the text of mine for appropriate, adequate and effective remedial action against the elements who are dictating their terms for provocations from their hide outs or openly to disturb peace and creating social agony for others.

Balbir Singh Sooch
Chief and Spokesperson, Sikh Vichar Manch
July 11, 2007

The views about “The Taruna Dal- Nihang Chief Ajit Singh Puhla” written on 15 August 2004 with reference as under already widely circulated by me and part of it published also in August 2005 ‘Fatehnama’ at page 31

awj aOrq leI iek zFisMg hfAUs (Dancing house) aqy Dfrimk asQfn (Religious places) ieko ijhy njLr afAux lwg pey hn:

iswK Drm vI hukmrfnF dI kuqfhI kfrn iesqrI-mrd dy irsLqy ivc bhuqf suDfr nhIN ilaf sikaf ikAuNik bhuqy Dfrmk asQfn aKOqI inhMgF, sfDF qy krmkFzIaF qy aprfDIaF dy kbjLy ivc hn. ieh kfbjL srkfr qy ies dIaF eyjMsIaF rfhIN hI huMdy hn. ies bfry kOmFqrI pVqfl qoN qF bhuq kuwJ sfhmxy af skdf hY pr iewQy Gwto-Gwt iewk imsfl dyxI bxdI hY. ho skdf hY ieh kuwJ lokF leI nvIN gwl hI hovy pr srkfr leI nvIN nhIN hY, Auh hY puils dy isrkwZ "tfAUt" inhMg pUhlf, qrnf dl dy muKI dI imsfl ijs nMMU aprfD jgq coN cux ky Dfrimk zyiraF, gurduafiraF ‘qy njfiejL kbjy krvf ky, njfiejL iksm dy qy afm afdmI nMU nf dyx vfly hiQafrF nfl lYWs krky, rwiKaf qy pfilaf hoieaf hY. ies nfl iPrdI hyV dI qF gwl hI Cwzo, Auh ikvyN bwsF afid qy pbilk QFvF ‘qy nsLy dI hflq ivwc afm dyKy jfFdy hn. ies nfl Drm nMU bdnfm krn df mksd qF pUrf kIqf hI igaf hY blik ies nMU mrjLI nfl kql krn dI vI KulH dy rwKI hY ijs nMU mfJf aYks srivsmYn ihAUmn rfeIts PrMt dy cyarmYn krnl jI[ aYs[sMDU (syvfmukq) dI dlyrI kfrn bhuq lMmI jwdo-jihd bfad igRPqfr krvfAux ivc sPlqf imlI hY. "krnl sMDU ny dwisaf ik pUhlf kql hmysLf dfrU dy nsLy ivc Duwq ho ky krdf sI.."[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[ pMjfbI itRibAUn, 14 agsq 2004

"tfAUt" sbMDI aKLbfrF dIaF purfxIaF KLbrF ‘coN kuwJ tUkF (Extract):

mfnXog hfeI kort dy jsits vI[ky[JFjI ny iek drKfsq dy sbMD ivc PYslf suxfAuNdy hoey ikhf sI Aus idn sfrf kmrf inhMgF nfl Biraf ipaf sI aqy ieQoN qk ik vkIlF dy adflq ivc jfx jogI jgHf vI nhIN sI. ies sUrq ivc sI[afr[pI[aYP[ ƒ bulf ky adflq ƒ KflI krfAuxf ipaf. ienHF inhMgF dy muKI ajIq isMG pUhlf dy sRI sumyD sYxI nfl cMgy sbMD hn. mfxXog jwj ny ieh vI ikhf ik iek idn jdoN Auh jsits aYm[aYs[ ilbrfhn nfl izvIjLn bYNc ivc bYTy sn qF Aus smyN pMjfb dy aYzvokyt jnrl jI[ky[ cqrQ ny adflq df kMm rok ky ikhf ik Auh adflq ƒ koeI jLrUrI jfxkfrI dyxI cfhuMdy hn pr KuwlHI adflq ivc nhIN. jwjF dy cYNbr ivc jf ky sRI cqrQ ny AunHF ƒ dwisaf ik AunHF (sRI cqrQ) kol pUrI jfxkfrI hY ik jsits JFjI dI jfn ƒ Kqrf hY aqy ieh jfxkfrI AunHF (cqrQ) ny cIP jsits ƒ vI idwqI hY. mfxXog jwj ny ieh vI ikhf ik AunHF ƒ iek guMmnfm tYlIPon vI afieaf. tYlIPon krn vfly ny DmkI idwqI ik ijs qrHF AunHF iqMnF (ivnod kumfr, asLok kumfr qy AunHF dy zrfeIvr muKiqafr isMG) aqy kfr qy skUtr ƒ BwTI ivc suwitaf igaf, Ausy qrHF jwj ƒ vI suwitaf jfvygf. "ieh sfrI kfrvfeI mYƒ zrfAux leI kIqI geI hY qF ik mYN ies kys qoN ht jfvF. hux ieh drKfsq kIqI geI hY[[[[[[[[." pMjfbI itRibAUn, 23 dsMbr, 1995

Indian Express Chandigarh, Saturday, December 23, 1995
Faced with threats, blackmail judge posts case to SC

Express News Service

Chandigarh, Dec 22, Faced with threats and blackmail while adjudicating the infamous case relating to the disappearance of two Ludhiana based businessman and their driver, Mr Justice V.K. Jhanji of the Punjab and Haryana High Court today posted the matter to the Supreme Court for directions.......

Threatening Calls: his 20 page order, Mr Justice Jhanji revealed that no more than one occasion, attempts were made to browbeat the court as "anonymous" callers threatened him on the telephone asking him to wash his hands off the case. He said that one caller even told him that he could be picked up and thrown in a furnace like the three had been thrown along with their car and scooter. "Their modus operandi thus, has been to create fear psychosis," he has stated.

Bid to Misuse Law: The judge termed it yet another attempt to misuse the process of law. Elaborating further, he said that on one occasion, the then Advocate General, Punjab, Mr G.K. Chathrath, accompanied by an AIG of police, Mr S. Chatopadhya, approached him while attending a division bench to pass important information. The two met him in the chamber saying that there was danger to his personal security.

On another occasion, a retinue of Nihangs considered close to Mr. Saini thronged the court room and had to be evicted with the help of CRPF personnel. The same was brought to the notice of the Chief Justice of the High Court.

Indian Express, Chandigarh NewslineKudos and brickbats for the judiciary

Rajinder S. Taggar: - (Extract from) The most sensational revelation of the year coming from the High Court was that Mr. Justice V.K. Jhanji had been "threatened" and an attempt was made to "blackmail" him. The reason cited by the judge was that certain police officials of Punjab wanted him to take off his hands from the case related to mysterious disappearance of two Ludhiana based businessmen and their driver. The matter was posted to Apex court.....

IN ANOTHER EARLIER CASE: Same modus operandi-

to create fear psychosis:-

Indian Express Friday October 20, 1995Taruna Dal Chief creates ruckus in courtPoonam Batth

Chandigarh, Oct 19: The Taruna Dal Nihang Chief, Ajit Singh Puhla, created a ruckus in the district courts yesterday and today when he forcibly took his armed Nihangs into the complex despite resistance by a jawan of the Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF).

According to sources, the lone CRPF jawan was pushed aside by armed guards of the Baba and a gun was allegedly put on his temple. They succeeded in reaching the threshold of the court of the judge concerned.

The immediate cause of provocation is learnt to be issuance of warrants of Baba directing him to appear in the court as a prosecution witness, in the infamous Kanwar Singh Dhami case.

It is learnt that the Baba used abusive language against the judge outside the court premises........ He later went to "meet" the judge in his chamber. It is not known what transpired between to two.

The judge concerned immediately summoned a senior police officer in the court and apprised him of the developments.

Despite the advance information to the local police about the Baba’s second appearance today in the same court laxity in security of the courts was apparent. The Baba along with his armed men, though less in number on the second day, managed to transgress into the court building.

The armed Nihangs today roamed freely in the courts complex with their arms and even got the chamber of one of the lawyers vacated for making room for themselves, it is learnt. Interestingly, one of the Nihangs was also carrying a walkie talkie wireless set in his hand.

ies sLrfbI srkfrI "tfAUt" ny Dfrimk zyiraF, gurduafiraF ivc rih ky kI kuwJ nhIN kIqf hoxf? puils dI Auh aPsrsLfhI ijs dI lgfm ajy qk KwulHI CuwzI hoeI hY. ies afpxy "tfAUt" dI igRPqfrI drimafn vI dihsLq pfAux dy ierfdy nfl ‘pRYWs kfnPrMs’ krvf rhI hY. iehI puils toly ny ies "tfAUt" qy ies dI hyV nMU hyTlI adflq qoN lY ky AuWc adflqF dy jwjF nMU zrfAux leI vriqaf. hor kI kuWJ ies tfAUt ny lokF nMU iswK Drm qoN dUr krn leI kIqf hoxf hY? hfl dI GVI ikhf nhIN jf skdf?

Human Rights Activist
15 August 2004

Malafide accusation

Why is Sikh
Vichar Manch not raising voice against Poohla?

Cry for Justice
Human Rights
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