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Consensus of politics in India

Idealism AND ethics/norms of democracy


Politics of opportunism and immorality 

Always there is consensus among the politicians of India to sacrifice idealism, value based politics for their vested interests superseding all ethics/norms of democracy. 

Parties join hands for some profit 

Might is right: the Indian politicians message to citizens collectively and   individually by their arbitrary acts 

The Bharatiya Janata Party has agreed to a legislation on the office of profit issue 

Office of profit may gobble a BJP govt -The office of profit controversy now threatens to unsettle the BJP. The BJP, while opposing the proposed ordinance at the Centre to redefine offices of profit for elected representatives, did manage to bring in a bill in Jharkhand Assembly on Friday. 

"In a poem Vajpee ji penned on his birthday in 1993, he wrote: ‘‘Mujhe door ka dikhayi deta hai/ Main deewar par likha padh sakta hoon/ Magar haath ki rekhayen nahin padhta (I cannot read the palm, but I can see distant events, I can read the writing on the wall).’’  The consequences are likely to repeat for BJP 

Anil Ambani too sees the profit, quits his RS office

Express news service

Posted online: Sunday, March 26, 2006 at 0000 hrs 

Independent member of Parliament and industrialist Anil Ambani, 45 has resigned.

In the statement, Anil Ambani said, ‘‘ It is my firm view that in public life one must uphold the highest standards of transparency, propriety and ethics and avoid any possibility of controversy, however remote or unlikely. Keeping this in mind, I have decided to tender my resignation from Rajya Sabha with immediate effect.’’ 


NEW DELHI: Congress President Sonia Gandhi has said that party MPs should not get emotional over her resignation from the Lok Sabha and follow suit. 

It means that others need to follow high moral grounds and politics of sacrifice except her (Sonia ji)-IS IT NOT A DRAMA?

The apprehensions expressed by many, including Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, notwithstanding, this was to be BJP president Rajnath Singh’s glory hour. Set to board the rath for his yatra along with L K Advani on April 6, he was looking to turn a corner in his own political journey. But Sonia Gandhi’s resignation has turned the spotlight away. Talking to Pradeep Kaushal, however, Rajnath insists people can tell a phoney sacrifice from a real one: 

No party is clean when it comes to office of profit. Why so much fuss about Sonia? 

First asking that Sonia must resign then criticizing for the same-What a double standard? 

NEW DELHI: BJP on Thursday slammed Congress President Sonia Gandhi's decision to resign as MP and chairperson of National Advisory Council on CMP as a "desperate attempt to save her face after being caught red handed trying to subvert Constitution and Parliament".  

"Politics of revenge has recoiled back and Sonia Gandhi has become a victim of her own conspiracy. This grand standing will not help," party General Secretary Arun Jaitley said.  

Besides Chatterjee, nine other CPM MPs face petitions for disqualification. The issue assumed importance in the light of petitions against Sonia Gandhi, who, however, stole the Opposition thunder by resigning from both her Lok Sabha seat and Chairpersonship of National Advisory Council. 


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