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I do not disown
Late Sardar Gurbhajan Singh Gill

Respected Sardar Gurmit Singh ji (Sydney),

Sat Sri Akal!  

You have raised very relevant issues and these are required to be investigated as how such documents (likely to be bogus) circulated and printed in books thereafter. Your suspicion is meaningful and the strange look and relation with the agencies of Late Sardar Gurbhajan Singh Gill (Founder President of Sikh Vichar Manch) can not be ignored so lightly though I kept long association with him as my guiding force includes then prevailing public opinion wherever I was stranger to the circumstances and religious facts.  

As far I recollect that Jathedar Tohra himself denied existence of such letters except a "Confidential" Policy-letter dated 10th October 1947 but it is not wrong to make it sure from SGPC. 

Once relating to an incident, I politely put a question to Sardar Gurbhajan Singh Gill as to how the subordinates of agencies feel regret when you rebuke them? In reply, he said that in case we (he spoke in capacity of a member of IHRO when since the beginning of 1993, I was not the party to it) provide them misinformation; they (subordinates) can loose their service/job. Further, you all are free to conclude………..??? 

In fact, I never tried to go so close to him or relied upon him in relation to my family life and matters and part of his writings which never appealed to my mind.  

It was his prediction based on his information in May/ June 2001 that 'Sooch' or any of his family members can be liquidated under then created circumstances within my family and outside and my family received threatening calls on my Telephone no. 0161- 2531029 (531029) and his old associates i.e. IHRO was enquiring from me as to why I do not feel threatened when my family is in panic? I answered only that let me see the Will of God hereafter. To my mind, activities of individual of ihro were also suspicious then and remained always so in my case and for the reason, I did not join as an active member after 1993. 

Then I thought better to have a distance from Sardar Gurbhajan Singh Gill though I used to meet him earlier to his death and do not disown him till date.  

But our writings are based on our own independent knowledge and belief though I never challenged or wanted to know his source of information and sincerely attributed his lengthy article to him to some extent as he desired in my book," 'Samen Da Sachch' (Sikh Dukhant).  

About my writings, he often used to say that the writings from the independent pen can change the society. Rarely, I did consult him to correct myself about Sikh Maryada and on the question of historical facts before finalizing my article. He did not include any of my articles in his book, "Sach Sunaesi Sach Ki Bela" by late Gurbhajan Singh Gill (Layallpuri), published by Sikh Vichar Manch (Ed.2003). Whether he did it so deliberately or for other reasons, can't say!  

Here, it is not wrong to mention that to the suspicious people, I always kept at distance for the reason I survived. Similar opinion, the people concerned whoever may be, can project about me for their own reasons respectively.  

To conclude myself as correct, I have to quote the words to that effect uttered by Sardar Gurbhajan Singh Gill about me on my ever last meeting with him at his residence on January 26, 2005 before he expired on February 14, 2005, when after seeing me in 'Charhdi Kala', he said, "Sooch! You are the right person who could face all odds and all should be like you." …… "Now I neither useful for society nor can help myself and living hereafter is useless……..he talked at length with me on that day after getting support of quilt in the presence of his respectable wife"  

I was consoling him as usual by saying in normal mood that nobody is certain about death and then why to think so much and feel sad about it and everyone has to go one day …….. 

Thanks Respectable Sardar Gurmit Singh Ji, a very valuable and relevant query on your part made me to clear at least my position and odds faced by me including my family. 

Balbir Singh Sooch
May 13, 2007, 5:46 PM

From: "Gurmit Singh" <>
To: "Moderator-GLZ" <>
Sun, 13 May 2007 17:25:32 +1000

Respectable GLZ Cyber Mates,

Now GLZ Cyber Mates wish to have an attested copy of a "Confidential" Policy-letter dated 10th October 1947 as reported in Book: Sachi Sakhi by late Sirdaar Kapur Singh and published by Dharam Parchar Committee (SGPC) (Ed. 1993 and 1996). At that time there were no Photo-Copiers and moreover, those who serve in Government Departments, know the consequence if copy of such confidential letter is taken out or passed on to some other fellow!

However, will Cyber Mates look at letters dated 30 Janaury 1984, 22 February 1984, 25 April 1984 and 9 June 1984  written by (Late) Gurcharan Singh, Sant Harchand Singh Longowal and Balwant Singh respectively and reproduced in Books: "Chakravyuh - Web of Indian Secularism" By Gurtej Singh & Published by Institute of Sikh Studies (Ed. 2000) and "Sach Sunaesi Sach Ki Bela" by late Gurbhajan Singh Gill (Layallpuri), published by Sikh Vichar Manch (Ed.2003) and find out what action was taken by SGPC or SAD? Whether it is justified to write such letters?

Gurmit Singh (Sydney)

Posted by: "Gurnam Singh Singh"
Sat May 12, 2007 3:21 am (PST)

Dear All,

Waheguru ji ka khalsa, Waheguru ji ki fateh!

Let us get to the point- there are sometime individuals, who see the things in simple black and white.

May I categorically state, I am NOT an admirer of Dr Gopal Dardi or similar so called writers, the only  book of Gopal S Dardi I have read in my life is a copy of SGGS he presented to the Pope back in 1966/67, on his arrival at Mumbai. 

My back ground is strongly entrenched from a Panthic upbringing, but I do not believe relying on hollow shifty unreliable and beyond proof theories is far more shifty and unstable, especially when feeding to new generations blindly. 

It is amazing how individuals drag whole personalities and portray a different picture of the issue, when the question is over ONE aspect of a claim made by Sr Kapur Singh ji.

I am surprised no one wants to comment or explain the following claims of Sr Kapur Singh but offer side line opinions upon personalities writing an opinion:-

1)         CL trivedi circular- evidence ?

2)         The 1954 circular to the Indian army- evidence?

3)         It is also a fact the SGPC- with drew his books in 2001,-why did SGPC do this if his laims are so solid and accurate? (Gurduara gazette & The tribune January 2001)

I stand by my opinions, despite shaky and unreliable suggestions.

Singh GD (UK)

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