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Will the Home Minister P Chidambaram
Respond Boldly and in Totality?

Offering to Quit Was Not an Answer or a Solution
By Balbir Singh Sooch, Advocate, Ludhiana

Will the home minister P Chidambaram not conclude that any movement in India so far, was remained a part of the State terrorism and was allowed to flourish for the political reasons?

On the part of home minister P Chidambaram offer to quit was not an answer or a solution.

Sometime, he says,the “buck stops” with the chief minister, Mr Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee”, and in another breath, he says, “buck stops here” to describe the leadership’s responsibilities to tackle internal security issues, on Friday made it plain that he will not engage in buck passing and accepted the full responsibility of the Dantewada massacre. “I have been asked directly or indirectly where the buck stops for what happened in Dantewada. I have no hesitation in saying that the buck stops at my desk,” Sometime he was boasting about his exceptional achievements by saying that he knew his responsibilities well and that he would do everything to ensure that “we have a well-paid, well-fed, well-housed, well-trained, well-equipped and well-motivated police force.”  Stressing that the paramilitary forces under him are undertaking training as an essential component, Mr Chidambaram said: “When I took over, a handful of companies were under training. Today as I speak to you, out of the 186 executive battalions (of CRPF), 186 companies are under training. We have made it a rule that one company in any Battalion shall at any time be under training and be given rest and recuperation.”  

Could there be any consolation for the families of martyrs in such politically motivated talks and explanations?

Will the home minister P Chidambaram not conclude that any movement in India so far, was remained a part of the State terrorism and was allowed to flourish for the political reasons?

Was it (any movement in India so far was remained a part of the State terrorism and was allowed to flourish for the political reasons) not obvious from the pressure on home minister P Chidambaram and suggested methods to him to deal with the menace of terrorism.

Finding no way, the solution of the political menace i.e. the part of State terrorism, Mr. P Chidambaram wisely and tactfully preferred to quit and that does not a indication of his sincerity or an honest approach to deal with the political menace i.e. the part of State terrorism?

Home minister, Mr. P Chidambaram! Are you really sincere and honest to deal with the menace of terrorism?

You must answer as how the governments of India kept alive the terrorism to terrorize Sikhs including all Panjabis in Punjab till date and continues so?

Did your “Some powers” not use the methods to keep the terrorism alive as the former DGP, KPS Gill explained under the national policy and strategy (inhuman) to terrorize Sikhs including all Panjabis in Punjab?

I wish to pose the following questions to have answers in the larger interest to test the transparency and accountability in the context in Indian system:

1. Can the information be provided as to how many Sikhs arrested meaning thereby taken into custody, captured, detained, caught, taken in for questioning, picked up etc and or how many sent abroad and now on the ‘black list’, and or arrested to arm them as terrorists and cats, and or how many surrendered meaning thereby: laid down their arms, admitted defeat, submitted, yielded, given in, gave up etc after the Army attack 1984 till today?

2. The details of the Sikhs and others who were picked up spontaneously, unplanned manner surprisingly and later on killed, eliminated, liquidated, shown disappeared etc all including the given categories as stated by former DGP K.P.S. GILL after the period stated above? See reference below.

3. As to why a 'Constitutional Commission' did not set up for facing justice on the demand of former DGP K.P.S. GILL?

4. Could the detailed identity of the main accused (Rajiv Gandhi) stands killed by a ‘Human Bomb’, the other co-accused, who remained the part and parcel of the then entire government machinery, responsible for the `genocide of Sikhs' or the `State-Sponsored Violence' against Sikhs not be disclosed being a matter of record as the accused were on duty on all the three days of Sikh Massacre-1984?

5. Why only the government always form or remain in search of some committee, team, the individuals as its henchmen, when the crime(s) committed by the state machinery become so open, to insist only to accept the adequate compensation and start pressurizing the victims families to accept the same and no guilty punished except playing political dramas like the cases of H.K.L. Bhagat, Jagdish Tytler and now case of Sajjan Kumar etc? 

Why the complete identity and full particulars of all black-listed Sikhs not being disclosed so far, was there something left to further manipulate in this case?

Now, you can judge yourself and your government as to how far you were and are sincere to deal with the menace of the terrorism in India.

Be bold to answer and tackle the menace and the offering to quit for political mileage was not a solution and an answer in this case. Isn’t? Will the Home Minister P Chidambaram respond boldly and in its totality?

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