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Who will answer and Act? 

(1)        What a High Volume Producing Sound System?

(2)        Is it a Corruption or misgovernence?

(3)        Who is not for sale? politicians or government officials 

Is a Steel Forged Friction Drop Hammer of 2500 KGs forging 42 KGs hub in weight in residential area since year 1987 and each stroke causes a lot of (excessive) noise, vibration and almost a shock wave emanating from the hammer openly causing actionable excessive pollution & public nuisance, similarly coal furnaces melting scraps containig suspected explosives as earlier exploded here causing air pollution, poisonous smoke and gases and thus resulting into damage to houses, atmosphere of uncomfortable living and creating very hazardous health conditions for residents without any effective action-not a High Volume Producing Sound System? 

Is continuing such pollution presumed to be without the active connivance of corrupt politicians, Punjab pollution control board and other Government Departments concerned? 

Is it not an abuse of due process of law by concealing and suppressing the true material facts and a pure misrepresentation (cheating & fraud) to further encourage the pollution and crime on the part of rich against the downtrodden, poor and non-influential?  

Please find out a solution, answer and act in view of the already issued directions by the Hon’ble supreme court to punjab govrnment to implement LAWS EFFECTIVELY to restrict loudspeakers AND HIGH Volume Producing Sound System. Though Govt imposes ban on loudspeakers. (is it EYEWASH?)

the indian express, chandigarh, Tuesday, April 11, 2006

(2) Is it a Corruption or misgovernment? 

‘Rupees 20 lakh? i cheated THE MC (MUNICIPALCORPORATION, LUDHIANA) OF RUPEES 50 LAKH, BUT THEY DON’T KNOW’………………(How far and to what extent the Confession of suspended junior assistant rajinder kumar (55) before media persons at a press conference is believeable or authenticated?)


(3) Who is not for sale? politicians or government officials 

Pak spy being interrogated by raw (research and analysis wing), IB (intelligence bureau) now 

IB sources added that (Pak spy) had told them that ISI had instructed the infiltrators to prepare a list of political leaders and government officers who could be “bought” by the agency and also to identify sensitive areas where communal roits could be fuelled? –ANJU AGNIHOTRI CHABA REPORTED-the Indian express, Chandigarh, Tuesday, April 11, 2006 (PUNJAB PULSE PAGE 5) 

Questions from:

Balbir Singh Sooch, Advocate 

April 11, 2006

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