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Who will Check the unscrupulous elements?

1.    The present living so-called Khalistanis and their associates everywhere are totally divided lot of agents.

2.      Slogan of Khalistan i.e. get killed Sikhs and earn is their business and source of livelihood as usual.

3.     Central agencies desire their survival like Derawad of Sant Samaj as a part of State terrorism. 

Initially in Punjab, the root cause was to create trouble & terrorism in a planned manner to teach a lesson to Sikhs by way of liquidating & weakening them and replace the “traditional Akalis” with a new set of leadership having ‘militant face as puppets’ not with Well-Wishers of Panth as some incorrectly presume even today. Rest was manipulation and the conspiracy continues so to further lower down the image of Sikhism in eyes of general public. 

Now it seems similar planning is being exercised throughout India i.e. expecting peace through the weapon of State terrorism after spreading unrest first as a policy matter. 

From both sides looking as opponents of each other, the haves have gained and the have-nots have lost in all respect in this dirty political game. It is all history which I witnessed closely in Punjab till date. Everything was done since 1978 onward to sidetrack the real demands then raised by Sikhs and traditionalists, and intentionally and deliberately, a so called bigger demand of “Khalistan” was put in the mouth through the hired people of agencies.  

Who can say that anyone collectively or individually does not demand an independent political home for peaceful living? I am also one of the actors even today to demand such political home, if someone offers or helps me to get the home peacefully in any name like Khalistan etc. What a funny stand of mine? The stand of mine can be said to be my business and source of livelihood but nothing more or less than this. 

But I am ready to accept the political home peacefully and never deny and at the same time it should not be at the cost of downtrodden and common Sikhs as practiced in the past for personal comforts and gains by the opportunists at the behest of Central agencies.  

Sikhs and others are even now witnessing the undesirable behaviour of present living so-called Khalistanis and their associates everywhere and they are totally divided lot of agents. 

As a proof, all of you can recollect as to whom they were party and supporting in the Punjab Assembly Elections-2007. I know that like me, all others also don’t consider Late Dr Jagjit Singh Chohan as a true Khalistani then whom to trust? No body objected rather accepted and supported my logically written and displayed views on website. Log on at and read:

 Dr Jagjit Singh Chohan’s Death Reminds
‘A distasteful memorial period of deception’

As long as unscrupulous elements are benefited from the State sponsored policy as stated above, the peace, welfare, prosperity and security of common man is not said to be in safe hands. Under the circumstances, the ruling class has always to face unrest everywhere in India.  

If there is anything left contrary to prove to this that it is really not a part of any State sponsored policy, the unscrupulous elements must be checked adequately and effectively on time in the interest of justice so that past experience of bad days is not repeated  again hereafter. 

With a hope for the best and regards to all-Thanks 

Balbir Singh Sooch, Advocate, Ludhiana
Chief and Spokesperson
Sikh Vichar Manch
June 17, 2007

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