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 Violation of Human Rights in India
By Zaheerul Hassan


Courtesy: Outlook


Mr. Larry Cox, Executive Director, Amnesty International USA addressed Mr. Obama  on 18 November and urged him not to forget the plight of women, men and children who are facing numerous human rights abuses in India and to make public statements emphasizing that human rights are central to US-India relations. He also stressed that Obama has the opportunity to directly communicate concern about human right to Prime Minister Singh. The director of Amnesty International tabulated the glaring violations regarding human rights through a letter. India always claimed her as one of the largest secular democratic state but her formal and informal policies in vogue do not reflect her claim. However, Nobel Peace Prize winner Obama failed to take clear stance on the issue of violation of human rights in India. President of supper power did not condemn the Indian brutality which was pointed out by Mr. Larry since he (Obama) knew that Indian PM has to start her visit of Russia from first week of December, 2009. 

After conclusion of USA visit, Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh and President Barack Obama in the joint statement reaffirmed the global strategic partnership between India and the United States, and agreed on launching a new phase of partnership. Both the leaders also discussed economic relations, civil nuclear deal, democracy, pluralism, tolerance, openness, and avowed the respect for fundamental freedoms and human rights. President Obama expressed that the United States looks forward to a stable and prosperous India playing an increasingly important role in world affairs. The Obama’s desire of promoting India as regional power would be taken as living in a fool paradise. Obama probably tried to close his eyes over Indian naked state terrorism against neighbouring countries and minorities. 

Amnesty international very rightly expressed that government of Indian failed to prevent abuses and also providing shelter to member of security forces from facing justice. The amnesty international report is not the only report which has reflected the bleak picture of violation of Human rights in India.  According to Indian National Human Rights Commission, there were more than 2000 cases of human rights violations (which include rapes, terrorizing, abduction & killing of innocent women, children youngsters & communal violence) by the security forces from 1990 to 2009. No downward trend in crime ratio has been noticed so far because of unethical and lenient approach has been adopted by the concerned authorities. The indecent activities against the innocent agitators almost raised 100%. If we consider that it reduced by 50 % even then figures will be quite alarming for the international community. Indian Ministry of Defence reported that it filed 17 rape cases against army personnel whereas media reported 20 cases of rapes from 2003-2004 and by adding 50 % per annum will make this figure 90 till November, 2009. There are reports that till to-date only two or three rape cases have been concluded so far in a guilty verdict. In the remaining cases, the investigations are still in process or terminated because of tremendous pressure on the presidents of the court of inquiries, investigating officers or on the eye witnesses. 

Currently, 5,137 women officers serve in the armed forces. They include 4,101 in the army, 784 in the air force and 252 in the navy. In July 2008, Captain Poonam Kaur of the Army Supply Corps (ASC) has alleged that three officers of her unit had mentally and sexually harassed her and confined her illegally when she resisted their advances. The army then constituted a court of inquiry whereby all three officers denied the allegations and an innocent complainant (Miss Poonam) has been thrown out of the army instead providing justice. This incident has created bad impact in the ladies of Armed Forces and most of them are ready quit from the forces. According to the amnesty international, Armed Forces (Special Powers) Act of 1958 has remained in effect in "disturbed areas," including Kashmir and large parts of the northeastern states of India for over forty years. This act is a major contributor to mass human rights abuses in these areas of India and protects Indian security forces from prosecution by requiring permission to prosecute from India's Central Government--permission which is rarely given. Thus security forces are busy in mass killing against, Maoist, Muslims, Sikhs and Christians. Though, Indian government has made the laws for bluffing international community but implementation of such laws is not being carried out in real life. 

In fact the prevailing Indian terrorism is of two types, one is Indian state terrorism and other one is sponsored terrorism of Hindu extremists against minorities. As per the report, the Mass killings of Sikhs and Muslims are the worst kind of state terrorism. In this form of terrorism over three thousand Sikhs were massacred when the governing Congress Party incited mob violence targeting Sikh civilians. In reaction assassination of Prime Minister India Gandhi by her Sikh bodyguards has been carried out in 1984. Scores of women were gang raped and some were burnt alive. Similarly mass killing of Muslims was made in Gujarat and Kashmir. In reaction 59 Hindus have been burnet in a train fire. This train fire was blamed on Muslims. According to the media reports in 2009, workers over the past 18 months, nameless graveyards where Indian security forces dumped nearly 2,400 nameless corpses. In Kashmir only since last two decades over 68,000 people have been killed, the graveyards have deeply shaken Kashmir, digging up memories of the estimated 8,000 people who disappeared at the height of the militancy. The graves have also become constant reminders that while violence is down, it is far from over. Bodies have been buried as recently as the past few months

It is worth mentioning here that India has failed to make safety arrangements on her nuke plants. The thefts of uranium   and equipments from Tarapur nuke plant have also created an alarm in the world community. Bhopal tragedy does also remind the death of several thousand people.  No compensation has been made to the bereaved families. There are over 300 cases of nuke accident in India ‘Times of India reported on November 30, 2009 about radiation contamination at the Kaiga nuclear plant in Karnataka. The locals residing in surrounding area suffered heavy damages in the shape of casualties of inhabitants and livestock worth costing in corers.  Indian Prime Minister (PM) Manmohan Singh has denied any radiation leak and said there was "nothing to worry about". He further added that he has been briefed that it is a small matter of contamination and is not linked to any leak. In this regard global Nuke experts really got astonished over Indian PM Statement, in which he tried to tone down the most serious crisis of India assed since the leak occurred, but the plant site has not been cleaned up and toxic wastes continue to pollute the environment and ground water. Tens of thousands continue to live with debilitating illnesses. Despite numerous efforts, survivors continue to be denied adequate compensation, medical help, rehabilitation, and justice. 

Abuses against “Dalits” are an open secret. India's caste system involves a social hierarchy in which individuals are considered to be born into a particular caste in which they remain throughout their lives. This category is being suppressed ruthlessly by the extremists Hindus. Outside these caste categories are the "untouchables", now commonly known as "Dalits", whose occupations -- sweepers, tanners, sanitation workers, according to the Amnesty international report, it has been Indian is busy in fomenting terrorism in Sri Lanka, Bhutan, Nepal, Pakistan   and Bangladesh.   The action against Maoists-Naxalites in Chhattisgarh, Jharkhand, West Bengal and other states are pure example of Indian state terrorism. 

Indian violation of human rights is eye opener for the world community.  So called world largest democratic country is heading towards her disintegration. American top brass should   critically view the letter written by the director of Amnesty international since south Asian peace would only be possible when Indian state terrorism would come to an end. 

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Because, the justice is being denied, intentionally and deliberately, as experienced, then, under the circumstances, every possibility could to be seen as impossibility in India. 

An Opinion by:
Balbir Singh Sooch, Advocate,

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