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The pathetic condition of people of India

Balbir Singh Sooch 

THE pathetic condition of the people of India as well as Manipur was responsible for the violent movements in India. Who can deny it? 

But, the question arises that who were spearheading the movements, were the leadership really felt pain of the pathetic condition of the people of India or are they leaders sitting in safe heavens for their personal reasons? 

There should not be any hesitation to answer to the first part, “were the leadership really felt pain of the pathetic condition of the people of India” in ‘negative’ from the experience gained in the past from the movements in India. Was the leadership spearheading the movements ever sincere and united on the question of the pathetic condition of the people of India? 

Was the following like statement not always of common in nature and customary and does not indicate that the leadership spearheading the movements was never united on the issues or otherwise (No commonness ever visible in them but seen opposing each other, for the reasons, the humans especially Indians are religious by nature and have belief in their different faiths directly or indirectly) in India? 

“We support the movements of various nationalities of India for self-determination/independence. 

Many people of India have gone to the north-eastern states of India in search of jobs. 
In fact majority of them were brought to Assam and other NE states in the British period itself to work in the tea gardens. 

In the post-47 India because of the anti-people policies of the Indian ruling classes’ unemployment has reached to an alarming height. 

Uneven development is the feature of our country”. 

By whom and how to decide as to why and who were there to fulfill their nefarious designs and what could be the causes and the remedy of it in the different states of India? 

Whether such violent like situation in the Indian states always suitable to keep India united? 

The Sikh Vichar Manch, may be wrong to say that the statement titled as ‘Maoists deny plan to issue counter ultimatum’ appears also to be a handiwork of the intelligence agencies of the Indian government, but, it must be read carefully after applying mind in view of the questions raised above. 

The Sikh Vichar Manch is to repeat its submission as a solution for contentment and peace to see full of smiles and happiness in lives of Indians within the ‘Sikh Vichar Manch Formula To Remove Maoists Hostilities within India ’ and rest is only in the hand of Nature-God.

Maoists deny plan to issue counter ultimatum

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