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Terrorism solution is within human values i.e. self dignity and respect for all 

Now, throughout the World, intelligence agencies should be deployed and allowed to work independently to find out the governing and non-governing forces, these include countries  that are showing disrespect to human values i.e. self dignity and respect for all without causing any intentional and deliberate mental agony to innocents for their own greed, happiness, promotion and power. Though to appoint and do this task, it is not easy to elect or select such an impartial body under the prevailing polluted and corrupt atmosphere all over.  

The socially, politically, economically exploited and injured people must be taken care of and must not be isolated further in the name of controlling terrorism all over the World. What remedial action can be expected from the person(s) or body who are neither taught nor understand and practice the human values and are always only acting selfishly to acquire Worldly comforts and power? 

Sikh Vichar Manch feels that the heinous crimes and extreme inhuman acts of terrorism can be executed only by those who get impelled from the within and without that their further living have become useless in face of injustice, humiliation, power and exploitation may be as an individual or group or religious community etc.

Balbir Singh Sooch 

July 17, 2006 

From: Gurmit Singh

To:Balbir Singh Sooch <>,

Date:Jul 17, 2006 3:45 PM


Dear Advocate Balbir Singh jee Sooch, Sikh Vichaar Manch, 

Waheguru jee ka Khalsa  Waheguru jee kee Fateh 

Your thoughts are really laudable but such job should not be handled by any Intelligence Agency because these are actually cause of major problems in the world. Look at their false and dubious methods - RAW, CBI, CIA, FBI, ISI, KGB and the like. Most of the terrorism activities are resorted by the various Governments, and as opined by you, frustrated persons only react having no other choice. World Peace could prevail if Governments change their attitude/outlook towards their own citizens and others equally with dignity and respect. Sorry for my incorrect views. Thanks for your selfless services.

Gurmit Singh 

Respected Sardar Gurmit Singh ji,

Waheguru jee ka Khalsa  Waheguru jee kee Fateh 


Your views are correct and specific. You have further clarified the position what I tried to say indirectly, but in broader sense when I also say, “Though to appoint and do this task, it is not easy to elect or select such an impartial body under the prevailing polluted and corrupt atmosphere all over”.  

You have full liberty and rights to suggest corrections and additions to the incomplete message so that it should be conveyed specifically and clearly in the interest of justice and peace. It is difficult to see and bear the pain under the forced conditions as have been pointed out in the submission. 

No-doubt, person like me is not able, capable and efficient to do all, but I do feel to convey the real picture within own resources possessed without applying any tactics if it can be useful for peace and justice in the long run though immediate gains on this front are not visible due to lack of sincerity of the concerned. To my mind, it is the effect of the ‘World Indianization’ not of ‘World Westernization’ after closer look of globalization. Here people are experiencing more meanness on the part of governing and non-governing forces.   

The way you take notice promptly, actively and meaningfully at this stage, it is really appreciable and without any comparison, what to talk of services of mine? 

Sir, you may be remembering, I approached you to be Chairperson/Chief/President of Sikh Vichaar Manch but you refused to be so on the ground of old age. Now I find, you might have hesitated to be so for some other reasons. We might have also faced problems on some issues due to communication gap otherwise you are more capable in all respect. Your prompt response and some time your angrily attitude like Founder President of Sikh Vichar Manch, Sardar Gurbhajan Singh Gill proves always more valuable for me. Thanks 

With regards 

Balbir Singh Sooch, Advocate, Ludhiana

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