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State Terrorism 
Unconventional methods
All with government approval

-DGP Virk-

Supreme court urged to take suo motu action-deplorable situation-no rule of law 

After 1947, what type of role models in form of touts, cats, corrupt, criminals, rapists, blackmailers, greedy, opportunists, blood thirsty of their own nears and dears, deceivers/liars were planted by the Indian Government through their stooges and agencies can be seen by visualizing your (SIKHS) past and the rest of your (the Welfare States) doubts are likely to be cleared very soon.  

We should not make use of weaknesses of common nature to humiliate honest, sincere and God fearing people for lack of perfection. Now, Sikhs are facing bigger dangerous issues/challenges, becoming obstacle for their survival and existence. 

Presently, Sikhs are facing a major issue as to how they were ruined, killed, humiliated, divided, hired to defame them in the eye of the World to avoid and suppress their just demands of political freedom through unconventional methods totally ignoring the 'Rule of law' and principle of natural justice which can not be held valid Constitutionally in any manner as being propagated. The process is continuing with active connivance of Indian Government and its agencies through various evil means and designs. 

Sikh Vichar Manch prays that the 'Welfare States' of the World should come forward for Sikhs rescue and justice for them to meet their political demands and get them freedom from the present like circumstances forever and all the times to come. It is requested that nobody should sidetrack or undermine the major issue on any pretext.  

However, Sikh Vichar Manch feels satisfied for its performance so far as it always used to alert the Sikh Nation from the hired people for the purpose sitting within and abroad. 

Again, Sikh Vichar Manch prays for the justice and hope for the best. 

With regards 

Balbir Singh Sooch 

February 26, 2006 

Supreme Court urged to take suo motu action

By Khalra Mission Committee 


Khalra Mission appeals to Supreme Court 

Chandigarh: Khalra Mission Committee (KMC) has urged the Supreme Court to take suo motu action into the recent revelations made by Punjab DGP, S.S. VIRK in the wake of controversy over the rehabilitation of former terrorist Sukhwinder Sukhi. 

In a letter to the Chief Justice of India, KMC office bearers have sought a comprehensive inquiry into the circumstances under which mass cremation took place in Punjab, arranged by police, and how the law was subverted during terrorism (State terrorism). In accordance with the findings of the inquiry, the victims should be compensated and the guilty should be punished, KMC said. TNN  

In re; suo motu action urged 

Khalra Mission Committee plea letter to Supreme Court 

Sunday 26th February, 2006

Panthic Weekly News Bureau 

Chandigarh, Punjab (KP) – The discovery of Sukhi’s false staged death has once again ignited the discussion of the horrifying days of the bloodshed of millions of Sikhs in Punjab and in other Indian States.  The demand for a probe into this matter is garnering more and more support daily, especially amongst Sikhs organizations Worldwide.  The Khalra Mission Committee (KMC) has also submitted an official plea letter to the Chief Justice of Indian Supreme Court regarding this matter. 

Including a request to probe into the  matter of Sukhwinder Singh ‘Sukhi’s false death, the Khalra Mission Committee has submitted a descriptive list of thousands of dead bodies which were illegally cremated by the Police.  Much of the research work into these cases was done by Shaheed S. Jawant Singh Khalra who was also executed by the Punjab Police officials. 

The letter which was submitted on the behalf of Khalra Mission Committee was jointly signed by former Justice S. Ajit Singh Bains, wife of Shaheed S. Jaswant Singh Khalra, Bibi Paramjit Kaur Khalra, Commission Chairman, Harmandeep Singh and a Commission benefactor namely S. Dalbir Singh.  This letter was sent to the Chief Justice to provide him with an account of the atrocities committed against the Sikhs living in India.  It also stated that the cases of illegal cremation of thousands of Punjabis, especially of the Sikh Youth should be probed digilently as these cases were of particular interest also to the Sikhs living worldwide. 

The letter also mentioned that the recent statement of Punjab’s D.G.P. suggests that there is much potential for harm towards Punjabis.  D.G.P. Virk recently passed statements alleging that besides Sukhi, over 300 individuals had been given sanctuary and support of the State so they could work in the interest of the Punjab Police.  Interestingly at the time when D.G.P. Virk issued these statements, he was in the company of KPS Gill, the man who is responsible for deaths of thousands of Punjabis, including that of Shaheed S. Jaswant Singh Khalra. 

The Khalra Commission members stated that the Sikh brotherhood strongly condemns such crimes as they are against the interest of humanity.  They also pointed out that, when cases such as that of Sukhi are brought to the Public, the Indian Government always uses them to criticize the motives of Sikhs in the bloody years of 80’s and 90’s.  Though it is true that these two decades were partiularly horrifying, it was the actions of the Punjab Police led to deaths and murders of millions of Sikhs.  

The Commission stated that Sikhs were only continuing their struggle for their basic rights.  Their struggle for rights of state control accorded naturally to other states in India by the center which included  among others, fair allocation of Punjab’s land, control of her water supply, the return of Chandigarh as the capital solely of Punjab and the control of Bhakra-Beas project highlight genuine long neglected concerns of Sikhs and Punjabis alike. It has been a favorite tactic of politicians to shift the blame for the state's ills to Sikhs in connection with the 80's and 90's.

Cry for Justice
Human Rights
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