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 Releasing of OLD reports
a desperate attempt to project

Balbir Singh Sooch 

Though such reports may and are likely to become history of those who sacrificed for the cause selflessly and without any greed. But here question arises that whether such reports prepared were selective and got investigated at the instance of some Masters/Financers out of greed in partial manner and the common Sikhs were ignored, intentionally and deliberately, who contributed more. If answer is 'yes' then as to why the individual concerned did so? Whether the alleged activists gained out of it and played Indian style politics so far? I have to only say that blood of the poor is not so cheaper comparing to the opportunists, greedy, cheaters, manipulators, deceivers and dishonest.  

Are the releasing of these reports at this junction, in the election year with some ulterior motive and a desperate attempt to project them who became irrelevant and are suspicious in eye of Sikh masses since long? I feel the people are cautious from all such elements. 

Anyway, I, myself being insider, do desire to bring the truth on surface in the interest of humanity for the consideration of all so that Indian state should not repeat the heinous crime again against the minorities to grab their political rights and the cruel and corrupt politicians should not use the planned crime for their own advantage at the cost of poorest of the poor. 

Here I wish to pay regards to Sardar Gurbhajan Singh Gill, Deputy Superintendent of Police (Retired) recently expired, Justice Ajit Singh Bains, (Retired), Sardar Sukhdev Singh, a prominent journalist and now Sardar Avtar Singh Gill, Retired from Senior Judicial Service who, time to time, did a great service in the past investigations and preparation of the reports though selectively prepared and they made use of their expertise and the links for the purpose otherwise it was not easy task to do as being projected for a reward. 

Sardar Gurbhajan Singh Gill rightly quoted once in his correspondence to all concerned that I feel that there is no fun in continuing to apply artificial respiration to the already dead horse (because merely showing some sharp teeth, the cowards are made to tremble in their under-pants) and the same is also quite relevant even in the present circumstances as being experienced.  

I thought fit to comment and alert you all as my name appears in the report, "THE KILLING OF GURJANT SINGH BUDHSINGHWALA BY POLICE".  

Balbir Singh Sooch,



March 28, 2006 


A golden rule for survival In India

Respected all, 

Whosoever take shelter of teachings of Guru and Gurbani or any other faith to get flourished his/her business and to hide misdeeds, impious motives and promote his dirty politics directly or indirectly is more suspicious being untrustworthy and bring a bad name to the religion/faith teachings in his own way as is becoming practice in these days and its effect is felt all over. Sometimes such guys / characters are deployed or assigned to do this dirty task in this manner. 

You can find such black sheep everywhere irrespective of any particular religion, faith, religious congregations or in similar other so-called social organisations and some human activists are not at all exception to it. Such characters are only after money, may be in kinds or otherwise nothing else. They are required to be doubly checked before trusting them. It should be a golden rule for survival though innocents even then also rarely escape. 

It is my submission/an appeal, not the religious teachings, before all for your kind consideration. People of India are worst sufferers in hands of such cheats, opportunists, greedy,   manipulators, deceivers and dishonest men, women & gods. Please be careful and assess the situation accordingly. 

With regards

Balbir Singh Sooch



March 31, 2006

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