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PM asks motor-mouth ministers to shut up
A Question of Prestige to Continue Run the Country Lawless?

By Balbir Singh Sooch, Advocate, Ludhiana

No-doubt, the general public, the independent media and the individuals like me can express their opinion and can also ask questions differently in the larger interest.  

But, the same should not be the function openly of the responsible ministers and the parties, the chief ministers, the chiefs of forces who were and are actively part of the system. 

The statements delivered differently and forcibly gave only impression and brought the truth on surface that the country was being run without any system administratively proving that the assessment of persons like me that the country is truly unmanageable and directionless as I did explain and question in my articles, ‘Sikh Advocate applauds Sikh Prime Minister’ and ‘Will the Home Minister P Chidambaram Respond Boldly and in Totality?’.   

Once the insiders expressed their mind truly and very reasonably now, can the Home Minister P Chidambaram be advised to ignore them for formulating the correct policies adhering to the rule of law or has it become a question of prestige to continue run the country lawlessly? 

The insiders’ expressed the following valuable views, may be in brief, must not be ignored as submitted by them and being cited below: 

“The armed forces made comments openly on training of the massacred CRPF personnel and the deployment of Air Force for counter-Naxal operations. At the level of officialdom, while Army chief V K Singh pointed to the lack of adequate training among the CRPF personnel, IAF chief P V Naik aired his reservations regarding the proposed use airpower against Naxalites.  

Incidentally, the communication from the Cabinet secretary that only MHA must speak on internal security matters did not deter Air Chief Marshal Naik to once again speak against the use of IAF against Naxalites.  

Speaking to reporters in Allahabad on Monday, Air Chief Marshal Naik said his personal view was that the armed forces were not required to fight the Maoists. “We have the capability to conduct strikes with utmost precision. However, it must be understood that if a 250 kg bomb is dropped at a spot, its impact will be in a radius of at least 800 metres and that may affect many people who may not themselves be insurgents,” he said.  

However, Mr Naik added that “if at all a situation arises where the use of Air Force becomes inevitable, there has to be clarity on the magnitude of the force we are supposed to use so that the collateral damage is minimum.” 

Soon after the Dantewada incident, railway minister Mamata Banerjee had alleged that Operation Green Hunt was being conducted just to help the Left Front regain its lost ground in the Naxalism-hit areas. “The CPM has set up at least 200 camps in that area. Why are they being allowed to stay?” she had asked. (The recent rallies by CPM against price rise could also be viewed similarly and at the same time to minus or to reduce the vote bank of the dalit leadership) 

The minister for food processing Mr. Subodh Kant Sahay too blamed the states for the growing Maoist violence.  

“States should realise the fact that the growth of Naxalites is because of the existing socio-economic problems there. The states have failed to achieve the desired development and unless these problems are properly addressed, the Maoists won’t be uprooted. The non-co-operation of the states with the Centre is evident from the absence of Chief Ministers of Bihar and Jharkhand at a crucial meeting called by Chidambaram in Kolkata recently,” he recently observed.”  

Were the views and the articles not of any help as the pointer for the rulers to amend themselves and to conclude beyond any doubt that any movement in India so far, was remained a part of the State terrorism and was allowed to flourish for the political reasons in unmanageable India?

April 13, 2010,only-home-ministry-speak-internal-security-matters-centre.html

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