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Chandigarh, October, 15- The National Human Rights Commission has lost its credibility while  announcing its “relief” to next  of kin of 1051 “unidentified” dead bodies of humans, out of a list of 2097 dug out from three cremation grounds only by Mr. Jaswant Singh Khalra even after its “Judicious consideration” for nine years. This Commission supposed to have been formed under the  Indian Constitution to  protect  the  dignity of living human beings is worried about the “honour and  dignity” of the human corpses. In its order it says that “unceremonious” cremation of those dead bodies had hurt the feelings of theirs families. In its order of so called “relief” it provides legal justification for killing a person by paying a price. What about killings in whole of Punjab? 

Mr. Jaswant Singh Khalra traced out 2097 dead bodies of mainly Sikhs, which the police claimed as unidentified, about a decade earlier and informed many World Parliaments and human rights organizations including the UNO about their kidnappings openly and killing them in false encounters, which the commission does not accept and in its order boldly says “This order should not be considered in the spirit of win or lose as indeed it is not meant to be so construed”. 

It is worth noting here that during the last 20-25 years the sufferers and victims of the police and security forces knocked the doors of various courts directly or through CBI and  till the beginning of 2005, there were 86 criminal cases along with 1750 complaints of similar nature, pending with the Human Rights Commission. During the last decade although 2340 Writ petitions were disposed off still 70 cases against the police officers were pending in the Supreme Court and the High Court. The 15 policemen had been punished and 262 were on bail, 54 were awaiting bails. Those policemen facing the courts number about 315 including 18 SP’s, 17 DSP’s, 46 Inspectors and 58 sub- Inspectors. In the Supreme Court 158 police officers were facing charges including 2 Additional Director Generals Police, 4 IG’s and 18 SP’s. In Punjab, this is the partial and an old list of those responsible for the Sikhs’s genocide. 

Late Mr. Beant Singh, Chief Minister of Punjab while speaking in the Punjab Vidhan Sabha informed that during 1991-92, 41,684 cash awards and 68 “Medals of Honour” were given to the policemen. They included 12 SSP’s, 22 DSP’s, 576 Inspectors, 1365 Sub-Inspectors, 2875 ASI’s, 8589 Head constables and 28,245 constables. Those “Honoured” in the President’s House i.e. Rashtarpati Bhawan for killing the Sikhs included high profile Armymen and other security officers. 

In 1984, a gruesome efforts was made twice i.e. June and November, to implement the genocide of Sikhs along with elimination of their written history, faith and belief, which was followed up a decade of innocent and selected killings of Sikhs aiming at change of their ‘Race and genealogy’ and ‘history’ as per the threat of an Indian Army Brigadier in a meeting of Sarpanches and Panches of Ajnala sector of Amritsar Didtrict and by P C Sethi then Union Home Minister in Punjab Raj Bhawan in the presence of Jathedar Gurcharan Singh Tohra. In hidden form, this process still continues. 

The role of judiciary is evident from the November 1984 Sikhs genocide at New-Delhi under the very shadow of the Supreme Court of India and to quote an example of High Court of Punjab and Haryana, Chandigarh whose full bench decided the case of killing of  Advocate Kulwant Singh, his wife and new born child of Ropar which was undone by the Supreme Court and is still pending in sessions court. 

It may be further pointed out that to implement the anti-Sikh policy Mr. Beant Singh was installed surreptitiously with KPS GILL as blue boy of Indian government. Both of them resorted to mass killing at the instance of their masters. Earlier, this road map was prepared by Sidharth Shanker Ray and Surinder Nath, Governors of Punjab under the directions of Indira Gandhi family and its stooges. The role of Indian Parliament in crippling the Indian Constitution and its democratic norms and values by adopting POTA, TADA like amendments is well known. What was and would be the role of politicians as a whole in dealing with this HELL? 

Where is justice? When the sufferers will get it? Will the accused himself grant it? We want an answer. 

Justice Ajit Singh Bains
President, PHRO

Kirpal Singh Randhawa

Jounalist Dalbir Singh
Patron, KMO

Harmandeep Singh President, KMO

Bibi Paramjit Kaur Khalra

SatwinderPal Singh Spokesman, KMO

Jounalist Dalbir Singh

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What about killings in whole of Punjab?

What was and would be the role of politicians as a whole in dealing with this HELL?

Where is justice? When the sufferers will get it? Will the accused himself grant it? We want an answer.
National Human Rights Commission has lost its credibility-Khalra Mission

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