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Jessica Lall Murder Case Appeal

getting away with murder 

Should Ram Jethmalani defend Manu Sharma? 

With due respect to Mr. Ram Jethmalani and polluted Indian system all over including Judicial system as to why Ram Jethmalani Should not defend his friend’s son Manu Sharma and take benefit out of such a system? As practice and law operates in India, Mr. Ram Jethmalani is not wrong to defend anyone.  

The question without discussing in detail and finding its answer can be helpful to divert the attention of people from the main issue of polluted Indian system controlled by the corrupt politicians and bureaucrats through different means and brokers, those operating would almost remain the same, let the guards may be replaced in the centre of power. Thus Indian rotten democratic and faulty system is also not of much importance and could be said to be meaningless in face of poverty, lack of education, injustice and unmanageable oversized population of the country. 

All high ups know that here law is only meant to control and punish the haves not-poor and otherwise its effective operation here is only to silent the opposition and is purely for external propaganda. 

A few such cases are highlighted out of proportions to enhance the prestige of the spoiled system so that people should feel that system is all right but only a few old characters like Mr. Ram Jethmalani are out to defame it. The circumstances of the case and its retrial clearly seem to be a stage managed drama between riches and influential nothing to do with justice or injustice. Without plantation of witnesses and fabricated untimely recoveries, ever no challan/papers of criminal case are produced in court and the judge presiding had always ample scope and discretion to acquit or punish the accused in India.  

Moreover, Mr. Ram Jethmalani always behaved more like politicians, knowing well that if there is no money then what? His professional skill and political links could not help the Indira Gandhi's assassins when Kehar Singh judicially murdered.  Do you remember? Do not suspect Mr. Ram Jethmalani, he is more honest and patriot than the available politicians and better know what to do and when? 

Like Mr. Ram Jethmalani, person answering to your query is also lawyer and well aware like him as to how Indian system works. Indian polluted system is totally politicized and judiciary can not be seen in isolation. 

Recently in a corruption case, the case property i.e. packet of two lacs currency notes changed/replaced while it was lying in the custody of the highest and more powerful agency of India, Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) what to talk of honesty of other departments assisting prosecution at different levels and for the offence as a cover up only, a low rank employee is suspended or dismissed. Now, the agency is afraid to produce the case properties of remaining cases pending of similar nature in the respective courts as reported in the media.  

For the reason being that every foolish and corrupt desire to see themselves only as politicians by hook & crook nothing else for honest living and dealings. 

To bring the social and political reasons to the notice of the court of such a heinous  crime, is the duty of prosecution which is incapable to do for at least three reasons, personal greed including sanctioned corruption of system, undue political influence and pressure and inefficiency of investigating officer in each case. Under the circumstances, how judiciary can function in isolation within law??????  

 (It is rightly commented, “Mostly, Justice in India is a saleable commodity depending upon black money or majority religion!! Amongst the Government Servants in Delhi, it is a common saying: "You show me the person, I will show the Rule". Hence, label of Truth be replaced by falsehood. Thanks Gurmit Singh (Sydney) Gurmit Singh”

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