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Is terror signal always a weapon to rule?

 News item as before
A threat received or activist manhandled widely publicised to create terror


Seriously for adequate legal action 
And it's links to conclave of saadhs and police cats?


The act is deplorable and it is at same time continuation as part of sequences/events to spread the message of State terrorism in order to frighten the Sikh masses through suitable agencies. 

Rulers wish to continue to rule over the masses through terrorism as a matter of policy and strategy. At the moment and under the circumstances such "Cats" are useless /impotent unless supported by State agencies to act or spread the message for the purpose. 

This practice of nonsense on part of Indian State and its agencies are required to be checked and inquired along with other issues presently relevant through International Forums for justice and peaceful living otherwise nature has to play its own role. 

With anticipation to all and hope for the best. 

Balbir Singh Sooch 

Thanks to all well-wishers of Humanity. For the sake of their own positions, Terrorism is the creation of such cats, dogs, rats. In the name of democracy, masses have been suffering. Unfortunately, for the last 30 years Sikhs have paid a high price for their existence. It is also partly fault of our selfish leaders. Look at Barnala, Badal, late Tohra and other socalled Khalistanis, Derawaley babays who have been enjoying at the cost of Sikh Youth. They and their families are safe plus money and protection from Terrorist Governments???
Indian Democrasy is worst than Dictatorship of Stalin, Hitler, Saddam Hussein !!!
Whole Punjab State is being used as a battle ground where none is safe except cats, dogs, rats, govt. agents and their dead persons living under false names.  Presidents and Prime Ministers are like toys for window dressing. They get free everything and after retirement enjoy all benefits and perks. Are they blind? What action has been taken by them? Dr. Baldev Singh of USA has also exposed the hypocrisy of various persons on GLZ. 

Sikhs can retrieve their past dignity and glory provided all are united by throwing away all other tarnished/fake leaders? Badal/Barnala to Vedanti including KPS Gill, SS Virk and other govt. officials must go to jail for life imprisonment. 

Thanks for your voluntary services to awaken the Sikh masses.

Gurmit Singh (Sydney) 

Conclave of Saadhs and Police Cats? 

Sunday 5th March, 2006

Panthic Weekly News Bureau 

Fatehgrah Sahib, Punjab (KP) - Some have called it a conclave of “Sadhs and police cats”, while others have labeled it an orchestration of the Indian intelligence agencies.   One fact is clear that controversy of this meet continues to dog the attendees and promoters alike of the much publicized ‘Sambhal Vishav Sikh Samelan.'  

Simranjit Singh Mann, president of Shromani Akali Dal (Amritsar) has demanded the resignation of SGPC chief Avtar Singh Makkar for attending what he charged is an anti-Panthic assembly.  In a scathing statement he charged “This ‘Jundli’ (Sant-Samaj-Dhumma alliance) has exposed their real character to the world when they passed those anti-Panthic resolutions.”   

One of the resolutions passed was in fact a rebuff of the current Nanakshahi Calendar and the implementation of a new “Sikh Calendar.”  The Nanakshahi Calendar which was fully implemented in 2000, was overwhelmingly rejected by the Sant Samaj, and the self-appointed Jathedars of Patna Sahib and Hazoor Sahib.  Ironically,  these were the very people who organized the samelan.  Many are wondering, “If these sadhs are not willing to accept the already implemented Nanakshahi calendar, what right do they have for asking for another one?”   Mann also chastised Jathedar Vendanti for staying silent on this issue.  

Samelan participant Daljit Singh ‘Bittu’, who at one time demanded a separate Sikh State called ‘Khalistan’, was severely criticized for lowering himself to the trivial level of these deradars who have become silent on the issue of Sikh Sovereignty and self rule.  

Free Press Promotion 

In a recently disseminated article by Hardeep Singh LohKherra, Bittu’s chief protagonist turned journalist, Karamjit Singh, was heavily criticized for his unneeded promotion of Bittu and the Samelan, and for his criticism of Sardar Simranjit Singh Mann.  During the late 1980s and early 1990s, Karamjit Singh is reported to have worked with Bittu and various “Kharkoo committees” under a false name.  Having left the movement, he is now closely involved in promoting Bittu and his Shiromani Khalsa Dal and also writes articles for a local weekly in California.  One commentator hinted that “…rather than promoting empty leaders, Karamjit Singh should apply his skills to shed daylight on the infestation of police cats, such as Sukhi, inside the Panth.” 

Police Cats

Sukhi, the ‘dead’ militant-turned-police-informant, in one of his previous news conferences, stated that he has convinced many top ‘militants’ to join his ranks.  Who and how many of are there is still the million dollar question. 

A reporter from Outlook Magazine details such a “police cat.”  His name is Kewal Singh. An ex-member of the Khalistan Commando Force (KCF), he now goes by the name of Constable Satnam Singh.  According to Outlook, Satnam’s neighbors have acknowledged that Satnam and Sukhi were constantly in touch with each other, and “…Sukhi, in fact, was staying in the same colony until a couple of years ago. He has now shifted to a bigger house in a civilian locality.” 

Sukhi is being closely guarded by heavily armed police escorts. When the magazine asked Sukhi about his armed escort, he replied that he and his associates needed protection from “Khalistanis who may still be active.” 

However, Narain Singh Chaura, a Khalistani protagonist, who has released details on many government informants to the press, argued “Daljit Bittu is the most dreaded of the former terrorists and Sukhi attended his wedding last year. So, what does he have to fear?"  

Bittu has yet to clarify his relationship with Sukhi. Like a true politician, his explanations so far have been vague, mirroring the deflection of questions posed to the other attendee of the samelan: SGPC Chief Makkar. 

Sardar Mann Lashes out at SGPC & Sadhs

Sunday 5th March, 2006

Gurpreet Singh Mehak 

Fatehgarh Sahib, Punjab - Shiromani Akali Dal (Amritsar) president and former Member Parliament Simranjit Singh Mann today personally handed over a 'protest letter' to Shiromani Gurdwara Parbandhak Committee (SGPC) president Avtar Singh Makkar for his participation in Virsa Sambhal World Sikh Samelan recently held at Sirhind. Makkar, who had come here to preside over meetings of SGPC Executive and Dharam Parchar Committee. 

The meeting of SGPC Executive was in progress when Mann along with his party office secretary Ranjit Singh Cheema  came to Gurdwara Sri Fatehgarh Sahib to hand over the protest letter . As the meeting was in progress, so Mann first sent his letter in an envelope through a messenger to Makkar. When the SGPC learnt that Mann himself had come to hand him a letter, he immediately came out of the meeting hall and met Mann. Makkar then took Mann to a separate room, where a close door meeting was held for around 10 minutes between both Akali leaders.  The SGPC members and other persons present there were surprised to see the development. Later, SAD (A) released the copies of protest letter to the press. 

It may be mentioned here that Mann had taken serious note of the Samelan organized by Damdami Taksal and Sant Samaj. He had also declared to take strict disciplinary action against his party's vice-president and former MP Dhayan Mand and General Secretary Jaskarn Singh for their participation in the Samelan and termed their participations a violation of the party directive. Mann was very upset over the participations of senior functionaries of the party. 

Coming down heavily on certain Sikh sants, Mann said they had no locus standi in Sikhism as the Sikhs believed in Guru Granth Sahib and sangat only. He alleged that such Sikh sants had been indulging in violation of Sikh "rehat maryada" and had refused to recognise the Nanakshahi calendar. He asked as to why Akal Takht Jathedar Giani Joginder Singh Vedanti was a "mute spectator" to the developments when such Sikh sants had refused to accept the "rehat maryada".  Mann alleged there were reports that certain self-styled sants were found guilty of moral turpitude. Mann said that he was surprised as to why the Akal Takhat Jathedar neither initiated action against Makkar nor Jathedars of other four Takhts for their participation in the Samelan. 

Expressing surprise on the participation in the Samelan, Mann said that Makkar also violated his own party president Parkash Singh Badal directions by participating in the function as Badal had already termed the Samelan a 'congress show'. Mann through his letter said that SGPC chief should clarify his position in this regard before the Sikh community and that now Makkar has no right to continue as SGPC chief and should immediately appear before Akal Takhat to apologize otherwise Shiromani Akali Dal (Amritsar) will compel to launch and agitation to remove Makkar from his post. It may be mentioned here that earlier the Mann party had launched an agitation for the ouster of former SGPC Chief Bibi Jagir Kaur. 

After the Executive Committee meeting, Makkar during a press conference for the first time was asked to clarify his position for participation in the Samelan. Makkar did not clarify his position on his own but he only clarified when a journalist asked a question regarding his participation in the Samelan.

The Sunday Express 



Pressure builds to recognise the Sikh way of saying 'I Do' 



After the introduction of a separate calendar for the Sikhs, the community is now seeking the implementation of a separate marriage Act. 

The issue of identity seems to be a critical aspect behind the demand for the marriage Act. Mann has reasoned in the Union Parliament that Sikhs have a separate history, a separate culture, separate language, separate customs and separate ceremonies. Hardeep Singh, who had raised the issue recently, said that since the Anand Marriage Act exists, the government should immediate order that henceforth, all Sikh marriages be registered under the Sikh Marriage Act. 

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