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India’s Break up Would Be the Solution!
By Balbir Singh Sooch, Advocate, Ludhiana 

The World powers and or India her own unmanageable reasons may or have to conclude and feel necessity one day that the division of India into small states or the confederation of independent the Indian States within India that its break up in any manner would be the solution or one of the solutions to fulfill the aspirations and inspirations of people to finally bring peace, prosperity and justice to all in this region of the world. 

But, it was wrong and incorrect to say that there was the murder of Prime Minister Indira Gandhi by her Sikh bodyguards who were persuaded to commit their dastardly act by the militant movement fighting for a separate Sikh state.

The reason of the murder of Prime Minister Indira Gandhi by her Sikh bodyguards was rightly depicted in a poem; ‘Murder of sleeps and a wonderful act of Martyr’ a operative part is being produced in English for ready reference as under: The poem, ‘Murder of sleeps and a wonderful act of Martyr’ by Prof. Harinder Singh Mehboob, what a wonderful example of exposure of the Indian cultural cover? 

“Murder of sleeps


A wonderful act of Martyr”

Listen! Oh cruel witch! ...

The Nation of the Martyr*

Slept after offering prayers at the door of Guru!

Then, a witch snake or cobra** stealthily sneaked in, thirsty to suck  blood,

The hands of Beant with firmness of mind

O woman with wicked sons, listen. You have killed the innocent children of my Qaum in their sleep.

The woman like a female witch snake or cobra surrounded the Harmandir and Fate burnt the bread of the pious fakirs.

The innocent babies eaten away in asleep

Listen! Oh cruel witch! ...

The Foot notes to the poem:

*Martyrdom day of Guru Arjan Dev

 **A witch snake or cobra, known for killing its victims in sleep by sucking in their breath in imaginary stories.

Indira Gandhi Shall Be Remembered As A Thoughtless Lady In The History 
After contemptible army attack in June 1984, the Indian army stormed the Sikhs’ holiest shrine, the Durbar Sahib (Golden Temple) in Amritsar, Sri Akal Takhat Sahib other historical Gurdwaras of Punjab, and thus, then Prime Minister Indira Gandhi did the contempt, intentionally and deliberately, of Sikh religion and of killing of thousands innocent Sikhs including minor children and women in the army operation.  

Under the circumstances, the conceited Indira Gandhi proudly wanted to send a message worldwide that after all this, she was not afraid of Sikhs and, to prove further them coward, kept Sikhs her bodyguards in the inner security circle, from where nobody could ever escape and think so to take the risk of committing the crime.  

But, Beant Singh and Satwant Singh took this extreme step because of the outcome of intense feelings that carried away them, for the reasons of the deliberate religious contempt and the killings of innocent Sikhs by her action and the Indian army.  

It would always be wrong and incorrect to say that she trusted Sikhs as her bodyguards. 

For the ignorance, Indira Gandhi was herself guilty and for ever, shall be remembered as a thoughtless lady in the history.

Since long, India is always facing war like conditions within the unmanageable India. Hence India’s break up would be seems to be the Solution!

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