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By Balbir Singh Sooch* 

Where is ‘strength of mind’?
Without pressure and undue influence to sacrifice!
Raising voice and to relinquish of his own
For justice and peace is different
Than provoking innocents to kill others
For own promotion and selfish reasons
Must be taken as a heinous act
Of sin against nature and humanity 

Act against nature and humanity is terrorism
Whoever participating directly and indirectly
For own promotion and selfish reasons
The idle mischievous mind a worst criminal
Must be isolated to eradicate terrorism
In a rare of rare cases, individual’s own
Extreme Defensive Independent act
Be considered and spared 

For egotistical reasons, fuelling massacre
An unpardonable terrorism

How sensible is the powerful!

To eradicate the terrorism on Earth
Only unbiased history may answer
Said to be far-sighted easy than seen in practice
Common sense does react to illegality
But where is realization of the powerful??? 

The powerful must be prudent
And must not demonstrate
His inability, incapacity and inefficiency
Even not to wait under the critical circumstances
To eradicate terrorism of individual or other form
Isolate each idle mischievous mind till reformed
Without his execution and any unpleasant fame
Bring just peace without any hue and cry 

Let ‘Sooch’ take credit
Of free dedicated advice

mischievous should not mind
As to why he be reformed for his critical badness
And why it is not be taken his human right?

“Human rights are all type of social pleasure
Keeping free space as per recognized norms
And values with no social agony for others”

*Chief and Spokesperson
Sikh Vichar Manch

July 7, 2007

Mobile: 98143-34544

Cry for Justice
Human Rights
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Copyright © Balbir Singh Sooch, Chief and Spokesperson, Sikh Vichar Manch, Ludhana, Punjab (India)