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Fundamental Questions thrown up by the
Sukhi Rehabilitation case

1.     Mr. Prakash Singh Badal is pretending that he does not know about the ‘rehabilitation’ of so called militants. He has been the Chief Minister of the Punjab for five years up to 2002. His party was aligned to the coalition ruling at the centre. If Mr. Badal does not know it means only one thing that the information was kept away from both the central government and the Punjab government. People are entitled to know who is ruling the country and the Punjab even when elected governments are firmly in the saddle? Was Prakash Singh a ‘second class chief minister’ whom it was dangerous to trust with such information? Are the people of the Punjab slaves to be ruled over by someone’s, faceless and anonymous nominees?  

2.     It has been a long maintained open secret that the police has been patronizing groups of ‘official terrorists.’ A Santokha Kala group surfaced in Amritsar more than a decade ago and speaking to the international Press made sensational revelations (like ‘we are issued identity cards, we are allowed to murder and rob cars, we stay in government guest houses’ and so on). Dalbir group was exposed in a big way in Patiala a little later. J. Ribiero, former DGP Punjab admitted in his book that such gangs were maintained by the police. Now KPS Gill and SS Virk have admitted as much. It is time to come clean regarding who laid down this policy to recruit ‘official terrorists’ (did the Akalis consent to it), from which funds or activity were their expenses met, who controlled these groups ultimately, who ordered the execution of individuals they were asked to eliminate, were any secret laws enacted to legalise such killings, how many people did they kill, what record is kept of their activities, when did these groups start the killing spree, are they still at it, what are they given for each executions?   

3.     It has been admitted that there are at least 300 such people who are operating as the ‘living dead.’ They are still patronised by the police as is obvious from the concern about their welfare shown by KPS Gill and SS Virk. They are reported to be operating from India and abroad. What tasks are assigned to them? Was the downing of the Air India Kaniska flight their handiwork as has been recorded in the government records of Canada? Are they causing and promoting friction amongst the Punjabi community abroad? There is obviously a file on each of them and maybe a full-fledged department is monitoring and guiding their activities. A complete account of their ‘accomplishments,’ their funding and controlling machinery must be made public so as to avoid serious consequences in future.  

4.     Prominent politicians of India and the Punjab have been propping up a considerable force of ‘god-men’ in the Punjab. Today we have at least one per village. Is this a complementary activity to recruiting, training and maintaining a devastatingly effective striking force of officially dead militants, as some knowledgeable people believe? Who are the ‘venerable Babas’ who are aiding the government in its task of thus maintaining ‘national unity and integrity?’   

5.      Can the deeply divided, faction ridden Punjabi society afford to have amongst them hundreds of ‘living dead’ who are legally not accountable? It must be considered that a large, organised, well-funded force of hundreds of ‘legally dead’ people is a blind fury in the hands of few officials or a single politician. What havoc are they not capable of creating?  

6.     At the beginning of the last Akali Dharam Yudh Morcha, Darbara Singh the then CM Punjab often gave public statements to the effect that the murderers were coming out of the Gurdwaras and were taking shelter there.  In reply Sant Longowal’s oft repeated and frequently published statement was that the killers issue forth from police stations, stayed in government rest houses and were patronised by the police. All evidence now shows that Longowal was more right. Enough evidence has also emerged in the last two decades to establish that the attack on the Darbar and the indiscriminate killing of thousands of Sikhs including Sant Jarnail Singh Khalsa Bhinderanwale was at the behest of some motivated individual who was able to arrange the consent of political India for the venture. This is the underlying cause of the present Prime Minister’s apology in the Parliament.   

1.     This loudly calls for a full fledged enquiry into the circumstances leading to the armed forces’ attack on Darbar Sahib, the destruction of the Akal Takhat, the Sikh Reference Library(?) and the killing of thousands upon thousands of innocent Sikhs.  

Who are we? We are a group of very ordinary people who have been engaged in investigating Human Rights abuses in the Punjab for over two decades. Our names are: Dr. Sukhjit Kaur Gill, Harshindr Singh Advocate, Prof. Kulbir Singh and Gurtej Singh. 

We appeal to our representatives in the Punjab Legislature, leaders of various political parties and Media-persons connected with the Punjab to try and get the whole truth out for once and for all. 

Authenticated By  

(Harshinder Singh Advocate)

February 24, 2006 

Well-done and fight till the end for justice-Thanks 

A few words 

for the characters like Dr. Awatar S. Sekhon

On 2/27/06, Dr. Awatar S. Sekhon <

Whether you were staying in Norway or not is not the issue at the moment. Conduct of the individual is material. It is good that you are an expert in English language. I am thankful that you have declared me as such, "Indeed, you are playing this CAT and RAT game of the Research and Analysis Wing, advocate Balbir Singh Sooch." I feel you have equated me with you. If my writings depict so, in the present circumstances when DGP VIRK and his Sukhi alleged that Cats are even staying abroad, then I am happy that at least I am here in field and nothing more to share with you about Sikh affairs. Thanks for your conclusion. Here many became slaves of circumstances and finally turned CATS but it is difficult now to guess about you. I can expect something better from the slaves of circumstances in near future but not from you. Still I am safe as you can not bite me from the far away distance, if you are really "Khalistani"? To my mind, you are more than this.  

Balbir Singh Sooch

Cry for Justice
Human Rights
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