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 “Why to talk of only the covert operations policy for India in Kashmir? It is the inhuman national policy-strategy and it has remained and will continue to remain a controversial instrument of state policy in India”
By Balbir Singh Sooch


Covert operations in Kashmir

It has remained and will continue to remain a controversial instrument of state policy for India in Kashmir


1.       Killing of Dr. Guroo: A noble soul and a cardiac surgeon of repute, Dr. Guroo had become an eyesore in the eyes of Indian intelligence agencies. His only fault was to highlight gross violations of human rights of Kashmiris before various international forums. Miffed by his audacious act, Indian security apparatus, comprising of intelligence agencies and the then DG police, formulated a well devised plan to eliminate him using the services of a renegade militant, Zulqar Nain, in the process. Dr. Guroo was abducted from Soura only to be found murdered in cold blood the next day. This episode has been revealed by none other than the ex-chief information Commissioner of India, Wajahat Habibullah, succinctly in his book “My Kashmir” published in 2008.

2.       The other episode is massacre of thirty six innocent Sikhs in Chittisinghpora, district Islamabad on the eve of Bill Clinton’s visit to India. The Kashmir freedom movement had to be maligned and labelled as fundamentalist Islamist misadventure and what better opportunity to prove this than the visit of American President to India. India, as usual unleashed a mass disinformation campaign attributing this massacre to Kashmiri Militants. Some time later five innocent persons were caught and killed by Indian Army labelling them as perpetrators of Chittisingpore Massacre. Advani, the then Union Home Minister, came to Kashmir to pat the back of the Army officer responsible for the prize catch. How these persons later turned to be innocent civilians is well known to all.

Speaking in the context of this massacre, Look what Farooq Abdullah had to state on Sunday, the 17th February 2008 in his address at an annual convention of the Kashmir Sikh Sangat (KSS) in Jammu.

“There were some people who tried to scuttle the investigations. Some investigators were even threatened. I want to reveal the conspiracy behind the massacre, but as I am under an oath, I cannot do so,”

3.       These episodes beg another important question. Both these worthies hold important positions in the political and administrative set-up of Govt. of India. Mr. Wajahat Habibullah is due to become Chief information Commissioner of J&K which post  requires him to reveal  information than concealing  which he has unfortunately  done in case  of Dr. Guroo’s murder  for at least  fifteen long years. The minimum he can do is to lodge an FIR against the persons responsible for conspiracy to murder a person of national and international fame. Similarly Dr. Farooq Abdullah has held important constitutional posts in the past and is presently Union Minister for Renewable resources and Energy. He is under an obligation to spell out the truth and identify the culprits of Chittisingpora massacre so that they can be tried under the law of land. In case of failure to do so, their positions are not going to inspire any confidence among the general public and let these worthies also remember that

“Jo chup raheygi zuban-i-khanger to lahoo pukaray ga asteen ka”

Author is a practicing chartered Accountant and can be contacted at

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"Bhindranwale Was An Evil Man"  

Probe ordered into Ludhiana violence

Double face of Punjab govt exposed over permission to DJJS for congregation

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IN RE; A Magisterial Inquiry Ordered-What Could Be The Outcome? Would the answer ever be given? 

On 12/6/09, Satinder Bains <> wrote:
From: Satinder Bains

Sikh Vichar Manch <>
Dec 6, 2009 4:15 AM
Re: A Magisterial Inquiry Ordered-What Could Be The Outcome? Would the answer ever be given?


Dear Mr. Sooch, 

I usually find your comments on various Sikh issues very relevant and I respect your dedication to the cause. 

In this particular case of Luidhiana violence, I would like to share with you that it was all planned drama of SAD-BJP government to win over the dera votes. 

 Despite warnings by the radical groups, Ashutosh Maharaj (I consider him a Maharaj, he is product of politicians to mislead the masses for sake of votes).  

He was allowed to hold function in Ludhiana. This was fact that a day before migrant labourers had created problem in the city, how state government can allow another visible problem to brew. 

All these things clubbed with the developments at Akal Takht where Prof Darshan Singh was declared Tankhayia, the people of Punjab need to understand the sinister designs of politicians.

I will say Badal family. The attempt is to grab the votes of followers of deras in Punjab. Most of followers of deras are illiterates or misguided people who do no understand the political intricacies.  

This government allowed the followers of dera Sacha Sauda to indulge in violence when Sikhs opposed them. This government allowed followers of Guru Ravi Dass in Jalandhar to run amuck and put on fire hundreds of vehicles and government property. 

The police was told not to react.

Same thing happened in Ludhiana when migrants went on rampage.  

They were not checked by police.

I understand, police was told not to react.  

However police opened fire on Sikhs when they went to stop Ashutosh from holding function.

In first place he was given permission under pressure from BJP.  

This may not be coincidence that RSS Chief Bhagwat was on two days tour to Punjab when all this nonsense was happening in Punjab. 

I would like that people of Punjab must know the react villains of this episode.  

They want to rule for 25 years and also want to ruin Punjab.  

Satinder Bains


Dear Satinder Singh Bains ji,
Satinder Bains <> 

You may know the inner truth better than me. But, I consider it your one-sided view, ignoring the way democracy was functioning in India so far. Let any Sikh be, may be from the so-called radical groups, in the position of Badal, and he shall be readily willing to behave in the manner as Badal does in the given system of the Indian democacy.

I don’t see much difference in Sikhs or differentiate Sikhs or anybody else in India when the question arises about sharing political power at any level. As long as I did not get opportunity to disown any such position, even, I am not ready to justify myself,  what to talk of  the personalities like Badal, Sukhbir, Amarinder Singh etc? 

I wrote in the article,

jQydfr tOhVf dy jIvn qoN iswKF nUM sbk iswKx dI loV’ 

sfvDfn! awj svfl pYdf huMdf hY ik ijs qrHF jQydfr gurcrn isMG tOhVf ny Bfrq srkfr nfl iml ky afpxf sMqusLtI Biraf jIvn hMZfieaf, Aus Bfa jIvn ibqfAux leI ikhVf iswK iqafr nhIN hovygf? svfl df jvfb lwBx dI loV hY.”

What to talk of BJP or Congress, We ourselves are beoming fools as they are never different in any manner with regard to dealing with Sikhs! There would never be any shortage of Sikhs to get support from them collectively or separately on their terms and conditions, that to play similar politics. Even, today, the so-called Sikh radical groups are doing agency work at the cost of innocent Sikhs.

You know all, better than me, but just advanced an one-sided leading story to know my mind.

To my mind, the system is such, can any CM in India order the probe or do the justice against the wishes of “some powers” the central Indian agencies?


Chittisinghpora massacre

 'Some powers didn't want Chattisinghpora investigated' 


Union minister Farooq Abdullah today created a flutter by claiming that “some powers” had prevented him from probing the massacre of 35 Sikhs at Chattisinghpora in 2000 on the eve of Bill Clinton’s visit to India.

Raju Singh 2:18 pm 

There were a handful of incidents when armed militants pulled out Hindus from bus / train and shot them, obviously to spread religious hatred. (Politically planned then by the central Indian agancies)  

However, to say that justice wasn't done is wrong.  

Entire Punjab police and army killed more than 2 lakh Sikh youths over few years, including many innocents.  

So, justice was not delivered through courts, but through extra-judicial killings.  

Do you think militants who killed innocent passengers escaped the police killing spree?  

Now families of innocent Sikh youths killed are waiting for justice. 

What to say about justice for more than 13,000 people killed in genocide of Sikhs in 1984!  

Its masterminds continue to be elected with big majority. 

We demand justice only when people of our own religion or state are victims.  

Instead, we continue to elect people like Modi, Tytler, Thackerays, who have blood of innocents on their hands because they taught a lesson to other community.  

There can be no justice till people stop voting for criminals. (The people have no option in Indian immature democracy)


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