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Balbir Singh Sooch

 Window was as a mirror of my background

Couldnít say what and what not it made clear

Which subject was not keeps it reminding

Window kept on screening the World

The arguments for and against

Also pro and con of life

None was hidden in Window

Whoever called badly to Window?

His own bad said Window


Emotions and awareness of every moment in Window

My source of Worldly knowledge in Window

What praise I should do of Window?

The statistics of every problem

And solution was in Window

Sexual characteristics, anger, greed, pride

And phantasm, hoax and mareís nest

Sacrifice and information was in Window


The perception of happiness

Sadness, frustrations and clash was in Window

But how to tell that what was and what was not in Window!!!

Gleam, sight, peep of my life was also in Window

The scene of the whole World was in Window

Let anyone say anything, everything was in Window

Donít know who was ahead

Computer information or Window 

Donít ask for it   
I or my neighborhood was Window!!!

Poem 'Window' Has to Remain Unexplained! Why?

In fact, the poem is not for your Newspaper in case you don't have Translator working as a 'Generalist' who can interpret and translate the 'Panjabi language' words keeping in mind imagination of different situations as a scene robber in isolation, frankly without caring any social boundaries. It all varies from man to man and everything could not be expressed for the reasons of social moral values, those may differ from society to society. I don't think the scene through 'Window' while looking outside to immature or mature open society relaxing unnoticing or attracting in different styles beyond limits and check or the experience/harassment of self and others etc of standing and waiting for the turn in queue in front of or near 'Window' to purchase tickets etc could be explained and imagined literally and specifically.

'Word' window itself has many meanings in English, it being the richest language and similarly the interpretation and meaning of the poem very likely to change as per the meaning of word 'window' according to its use in different situations and context.

To my mind, the taste of poem is in imagination and also leaves others to imagine without attributing it specific meaning or interpretation literally. I find the same taste for different people differently while they preach, grasp and interpret old religious scriptures, literary work etc.

It may be within your reach and resources to get the poem translated from Panjabi to English literally or finding its wider meaning, interpretation on the basis of imagination for the words used in case the poem deserve so in view of my this explanation.


4 June 2008

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