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The world very merciless & people ungrateful 
Shaheed Bhagat Singh


“the world is very merciless and the people around are also ungrateful”- TO MY MIND, No body should ever say so 

Party would prefer one of its most unscrupulous and unprincipled members


Whosoever indulges for himself as well as for social and political cause must always be ready to face the consequences. To my mind, no body should ever say like ‘SHAHEED BHAGAT SINGH’ that “the world is very merciless and the people around are also ungrateful.”  

For reference see Page 145 of the book ‘SHAHEED BHAGAT SINGH (A BIOGRAPHY) 1985 Second Edition, Publication Bureau, PUNJABI UNIVERSITY, PATIALA’ and copy of a letter from Bhagat Singh to his brother Kulbir Singh is being reproduced from the book as under: 

“Central Jail Lahore

3rd March 1931

Dear Kulbir Singh, 

You have done a lot for me. At the time of your visit, you said that I should write something in reply to your letter. So I am writing a few words. 

See, I have not done anything for anyone. I could not do anything for you, too. When I think as to how you will live, my heart starts trembling. But, brother be courageous and don’t be disappointed even in great difficulties. What more can I say than this? I know that today your heart is drowned in an ocean of grief and agony, but what can be done? 

My beloved, my dear brother, life is a great ordeal, and world is very merciless and the people around are also ungrateful. 

You will be able to live only with courage.

Yours affectionately,


Bhagat Singh.” 

Here, it is worth mentioning the relevant question and its answer: It is up to the individual to have his own interpretation: 


“The mutually destructive policies of different political parties and resultant rivalry and hatred are a serious handicap in the path of progress. What do you say about it? 


“You should believe in what is right and work according to the dictates of your conscience. (In my opinion, “It is easy to be said than done”)  

The difficulty about me is, you know, that I make great distinction between good and bad, fair and unfair, noble and base, and always judge men by an impractical standard. 

The signs of a good man to me are the conditions and circumstances of life and permitting his evolution from good to better, from better to best, for himself as well as for society.  

In politics he who climbs down from national to communal, from communal to sectional and from sectional to personal has something basically wrong, a converse notion of progress. The greatness of man lies in his ability to discard narrowness of outlook all along the path of his life. 

But you know that Mr. X of the……..Party would prefer one of its most unscrupulous and unprincipled members, Mr. Y, to Mahatma Gandhi……… Don’t you daily hear of people in these days of general elections, changing fronts and donning new labels, and blowing the ideals of truth and faith to the winds?” 

Terrorism was an individual method of approach to social and political problems as said in the book referred.

(Extract from page 375 of the book ‘UNDER THE SHADOW OF GALLOWS’ by Gulab Singh, Second Edition 1964, Published By Rup Chand printed at Tej Press, Delhi.) 

It is only to educate, enlighten mine own self and to share experience and knowledge with all in order to have positive expectations and results in future and nothing may be taken adversely for creating any controversy.  

With regards

Balbir Singh Sooch, Advocate, Ludhiana 

October 2, 2006

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