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To unfold is the job of agencies
To keep people warned and secured
But the agencies are party to every menace
Are the agencies targeting the man who unfolds?
To make themselves secure and people unsecured
Do every nuisance to keep them secured
But people always kept unsecured!!!

Seen agencies in different colours and dress
Always unhappy and in sad mood
Feeling service unsecured target the man
Who proves unnoticed agencies failed to unfold
Keep people unsecured to be secured
Finally, they advise the methods and adopt
 To eliminate the man seeing service unsecured!!! 

Do alert the agents but always failed to unfold
Keep on destroying the families to be secured
Is it failure to unfold and keep people secured?
Activate the agents to provoke the man
Who proves unnoticed agencies failed to unfold
Do they feel exposed from the man who unfolds?
Only keep them secured and people unsecured!!! 

Do the agencies violate natural code?
When they fail to unfold to be secured
Try to bring immoral code to destroy the whole
Isn’t open violation of moral and human code?
The agencies are irritated and frustrated
Adopting immoral code by their inhuman role
Leaderless India failed in role and people unsecured!!!

People are waiting for miracle’s role and code
To keep them safe and secured
The honesty is the best policy
To keep in mind the nature’s role and code
 ‘Sooch’ clear in his mind!
Hatred would never hang about for long

 Why to blame who unfolds?

By: Balbir Singh Sooch, Advocate, Ludhiana
February 2, 2008

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