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By Balbir Singh Sooch, Advocate, Ludhiana

Marriage Anniversary! Hurrah!

Whenever comes on, like oscillation starts

Joyful or obligations, many questions reminds

Neither end of joy nor end of obligations

Always puts in repentance to the bachelors

What a Marriage Anniversary! Hurrah!


Marriage Anniversary! Hurrah!

Whosoever tastes the pleasure of it or not

Life do engage in laughing and weeping

My obligations were only happiness of life

Otherwise life boat was not to reach any beach

What to say what a Marriage Anniversary! Hurrah!


 What reminding, Marriage Anniversary! Hurrah!

She to be engaged definitely, you to weep was certain

At the end you compromised and that was to happen

Now also no end of pleasure nor of obligations

It was known that must to occur after marriage

What to say what it is!

At the end compromise was to be accepted

 Date of Marriage Anniversary: June 11, 2008


 ivafh dI vrHy-gMZ
  blbIr isMG sUc, aYzvokyt, luiDafxf


ivafh dI vrHy-gMZ!!!

jdoN vI hY afAuNdI, ihlUxf ijhf hY idvfAuNdI

KusLI hY jF bMDn! bhuq svfl hY Xfd krvfAuNdI

nf KusLI df itkfxf nf bMDn dI sImf

CiVaF nMU pCqfvy ivwc hY hmysLf pfAuNdI

kI hY ivafh dI vrHy-gMZ!!!


ivafh dI vrHy-gMZ!!!

jo ies df svfd cwKy jF nf cwKy

jIvn hwsdf-roNdf jrUr hY pwly pfAuNdI

myry bMDn íc hI sI KusLI df jIvn

nhIN qF jIvn iksLqI, iksy kMZy-bMnHy nhIN sI afAuNdI

kI dwsF-kI hY? ivafh dI vrHy-gMZ!!!


kI hY Xfd krvfAuNdI ! ivafh dI vrHy-gMZ!!!

Aus df qF hoxf hI sI, pqf qUM roxf hI sI

afKLr kr ilaf smJoqf, ieh qF hoxf hI sI

hux vI nf KusLI df itkfxf nf bMDn dI sImf

ieh qF pqf sI ieh ivafh ipwCoN hoxf hI sI

kI dwsF-kI hY? afKLr smJoqf qF hoxf hI sI!!! 

ivafh dI vrHy-gMZ dI qfrIK: 11 jUn 2008

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Copyright © Balbir Singh Sooch, Chief and Spokesperson, Sikh Vichar Manch, Ludhana, Punjab (India)