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Malia, 10, Sasha, 8, The Luckiest Girls in The World

Published:  June 20, 2009

My children and my wife may never approve me a perfect father and husband respectively because I was not worried only to raise them exceptionally. From here my suffering starts. In that sense, President Barack Obama may be confessing that, 'he has been an imperfect father'.

Otherwise, he (President Barack Obama) is the most powerful man of the world being the president of America.

At this stage, the younger daughters Malia, 10, Sasha, 8 of President Barack Obama are among the luckiest girls in the world who have a perfect Father and they must be proud to be his daughters.

Whereas, similar can't be the case of a person like me as the reason stated above.

However, it is also very correct that "what makes you a man is not the ability to have a child but the courage to raise one" though the type of courage makes a man more disciplined and a slave not selfish.

Now, President Barack Obama says that people should be disciplined and not selfish, they must work hard to raise their children. More than that not in their power. God does play a role as I think being a fearful man.

Comments by
Balbir Singh Sooch
Barack Obama: 'I Have Been an Imperfect Father',,20286116,00.html

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Malia, 10, Sasha, 8, The Luckiest Girls in The World

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