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India is not welfare State
MOTTO: keep the issue of ‘social evil’ burning instead of eradicating it

Balbir Singh Sooch, Advocate, Ludhiana*

To my mind, to keep the name of organization/party/committee etc in the name of ‘Social Evil’ to whom you are condemning amounts to glorify the same evil-Think it over! Who are always toeing the same or similar line in their social, religious and political field in India and elsewhere?

In fact, such elements gain by all means so far the social evil, may be in book form or any other shape like health hazard pollution remain intact, for the purpose to eradicate the menace the organization/party etc came or brought into existence.

It is always seen that heroes of respective organization/party/committee etc in India work more to keep the issue of ‘social evil’ burning instead of eradicating it for their own survival and greed.

 For example if “Dalits” or “Poorest” in India become prosperous then in that case their champions to die their natural death and search for ‘Vote Bank’ and other ‘gain’ will be much more difficult for the people in power, opposition and their associates.

 Is it a way/motto of regulating the society or exploiting and liquidating/eliminating the masses through the stooges by their act and conduct misleadingly? Is it democracy in India? Can anyone answer to it? The only answer you may conclude that India is not welfare State so far.

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