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 Punjab Police has always believed in ‘Duty before self’ said DGP 

a ‘big lie’ of this century on the part of DGP-SVM 

Punjab Assembly Elections-As already experienced in the Elections of 1992 

Balbir Singh Sooch-Sikh Vichar Manch 

We, Indians remain dirty throughout the year due to our unhealthy environment, poverty, lack of access to basic education resulting into an unmanaged very populated country, but still Indian government was getting killed its own citizens naming them as terrorists, who were out to destroy unity and integrity of nation and at same time the Indian  forces performing the inhuman act, had a history of gallantry awards only meant for out of turn promotions during their service period and after retirement they were asked to perform degraded and mean tasks by their immoral and criminal masters who brought India as topper among the most corrupt and unhappy nations.

We must and let us allow celebrating “Diwali” at least once in a year in the name of our own cleanliness if not for any other purposes. Under the circumstances, do you all support us?

Main cause for the ills of Indian society among other factors was attributed to unmanageable population size. For the reason, the other factors like health, the level of poverty, access to basic education, corruption, injustice and grave violation of human rights-like problems were automatic and beyond any administrative control.

The “Diwali Day” is the only day of every year when Indians and their government give message that today, we are clean ?-falsely exert that we are moral and take oath that we shall adopt all mean means to collect ill-gotten money!!! The most immoral and corrupt worship more to “goddess” mother of corruption and injustice in the process in routine. I and my family is not exception to it.

Those are arguing for and against “Diwali” failed to understand the commitment of Indians for immorality, corruption and style of our working against “national integrity” and its causes.

You all must “salute” Punjab Police especially those Policemen who stood by immorality and mother of corruption and injustice in the process and some of them also sacrificed to safeguard those who had corrupted themselves up to their neck in the garb of “terrorism”. Whether Indians or people of Punjab can vote in favour of and can say affirmatively that Punjab Police has always believed in ‘Duty before self’ as alleged by Director General of Police, Punjab (DGP) S.S. Virk? To Sikh Vichar Manch, it is a ‘big lie’ of this century on the part of DGP.

As already experienced in the Elections of 1992, now in a different style, the Rulers/ Delhi Darbar have decided and directed to put and field the candidates and shall allow to win their own stooges/candidates at different forums along with a show of surrendered and spent force of militants as only helping candidates in the field. The Rulers/ Delhi Darbar are feeling their sure success either way in the coming ‘Punjab Assembly Elections’ through the brutal Punjab Police and to give practical shape to the plan, the DGP declared that there was no need to deploy Central forces. Now, opposition may also not raise any hue and cry hereafter.

The Rulers know that "there was nothing in Indian Election system which is not sullied. The electoral rolls are bad, personnel are bad; there was rigging and booth capturing and the political parties observed the Code of Conduct, only in breach. Indian Civil Services consisted of people with back-bone fractured in one thousand places".

The Sikh Vichar Manch shall be considered and hatred being honest, patriot and out of mainstream among the dishonest and traitors, following Indian mainstream of immorality if it does not “salute” the corrupt and murders of humanity on “Commemoration Day of Punjab Police” i.e. October 21, 2006. The complete record of awardees, must be more than 70,000 (Seventy thousand) with Indian government and government of Punjab, who had committed the heinous crime against the Sikhs from the year 1978 to till date. Whoever may try to say that the record is lost or destroyed will be doing disservice to humanity.

The World has to change dictionary meaning of ‘Immorality, mother of corruption and injustice and State repression’ to “heroism, courage, spirit of patriotism” after seeing the “zeal, enthusiasm and devotion to duty of our forces” in face of level of Indian corruption and unhappiness and after assessing the rating of Indian nation in the “World Map of Corruption and Unhappiness” and the way at the large scale “Diwali-Festival” is being celebrated every year, considering it the only “pious” day in India.

India, after being topper in corruption, now India ranked 125, lowest happy nation, according to Adrian White, an analytic social psychologist at Leicester who developed the first "World Map of Happiness" and Denmark is the happiest nation in the world, as revealed by ‘Business Week’ online.

In absence of prayer for our India and Indians, the greetings of “Diwali” shall remain incomplete. You might have understood from the above explanation that in the present circumstances and in view of sense of “national integrity”, ‘unmanageable population size’ and injustice prevailing here, India must be divided in independent segments to manageable size, keeping all other factors and demands of the people in mind. It is, therefore, all must pray its peaceful disintegration to avoid further continuing “bloodshed” in the name and under the false pretext of maintaining unity and integrity of India.

Indians are requested to accept happy “Diwali greetings” for justice, peace and independence. We must celebrate “Diwali” at least for the sake of our own cleanliness till we do not learn to remain clean and independent throughout.

October 21, 2006

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