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Independence of judiciary not acceptable

By Balbir Singh Sooch, Advocate, Ludhiana on 12 Nov 2007 

What to talk of the liking of any dictator for independent judiciary even such judiciary is not the choice of politicians in India? Here the majority of the lawyers if asked to give their opinion about judiciary off the record, the net result would be very disappointing except a few lawyers who have monopoly in the system, may opt to keep quite or express differently.

The judiciary in India framed in such a manner that it shall never be normally active and entertain any arguments on record against government policies may be expressed or implied. Let these might be adverse or harmful for masses especially minorities to any extent like killing of Muslims in Gujarat and the genocide of Sikhs in 1984, though it all happened under the unwritten policies framed, intentionally and deliberately, by the respective governments. No body can deny to the prevailing discriminatory judicial system in India.

The Hon’ble court concerned may verbally utter harsh language in the matter against the functionaries of government for newspaper headlines only otherwise the net result would never be against the unlawful and inhuman actions of the State machinery.

For the reason, every criminal and bad character likes to pose as a politician considering himself fully protected as a part of State. The rich and influenced is also always has upper hand in this judicial system. The judges are working under the very tight position and unable to hear or entertain such cases for justice except verbal consolation.

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