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How an accused himself can address grievances of his own Aggreived party / victim? 

Dear Amandeep Singh Ji, 


You are using the word ‘mistake’ like Indian government and Respected Sonia Gandhi ji that attack of 1984 on Darbar Sahib, Sri Akal Takhat Sahib and other Sikh shrines and genocide of Sikhs was a ‘mistake’.  

You, Sikhs do not understand the meaning of mistake that, “mistake’ is not an offence in Law” and hence Indian government and Respected Sonia Gandhi ji and their stooges plead till today that Indian government and then Prime Minister Indra Gandhi committed no offence against Sikhs. The foolish Sikhs say that Indian government and Gandhi family has already asked apology several times for the heinous crime. 

That in India all corrupt practices are done under the garb of ‘mistake’, I know your language is clear you are feeling privileged to be with the accused parties. Again, I repeat most of you are ‘specialists’ in your respective fields and can not behave like ‘Generalists’. You follow the language of Indian politicians and grasp it like parrot. 

Your dollar power and its greed has got killed Sikhs from the Indian agencies and their stooges. You people never wanted to identify the stooges and real culprits within and sitting abroad who misled the Sikhs concerned staying abroad and only know to do graveyard labor or the most they come to India to celebrate their holidays with VIPs and satisfy their ego. In turn, Indian stooges helped always for foreign trips/ visits etc by the people like you. 

Oh! Dear, I do remember you and small five pieces of gift like tie, a pair of socks, shirt piece, toy type tinny transistor and one more item may be handkerchief as token of love and affection given by your respected mother during my second time meeting at your residence on your asking keeping in view of your convenience only. You then turned down my request to visit me and spare sometime. Any how it is your free Will to visit any individual or not as per your choice and status. 

I did speak to Prof. Jagmohan Singh (SAD-M) about the gift then only he might have thought proper to teach the language to you that you conveyed/narrated/used to me in your email yesterday. I felt ashamed and repented that I should have not accepted the meaningless gift and that was my mistake which I realized now only. 

Now, you people may understand the meaning of ‘mistake’ from all this explanation. 

About whomever you are talking, their deceptive faces are self explanatory. You can ask him, what did I explain about him (Mr. Navkiran Singh) in his presence and in the presence of so called pro-militants and “Khalistani” political parties and Organizations on 2nd July 2005 in Circuit House, Ludhiana which was never earlier meant for meeting place for them and it is now daily business to organize meetings, seminars, training camps etc for them there. That day the most of then pointed accused were mum knowing well their past deeds but some others did reacted in violent mood fearing that their turn may also come and better to stop me before and they successfully got stopped me from speaking thereafter. 

According to my information then the persons pointed like Mr. Navkiran Singh etc at my back also objected that I should have not allowed in the gathering to come and speak at circuit house and the assurance was taken to that effect for excluding me from taking part any such pro-government activities. Thanks for their act for saving me from any blame. You are also at liberty to make this issue as part of your investigation along with the subject about you are utterly confused. As to how an accused himself can address the grievances of the aggrieved party / victim?AGGREIVED PARTY 

These so called pro-militants and “Khalistani” political parties and Organizations are dancing on the tune of music of Captain Amarinder Singh, presently Chief Minister of Respected Sonia Gandhi ji and in 1984 and before he was considered as an agent of then Prime Minister Indra Gandhi who in connivance with her advisers like Narshima Rao ordered the attack of 1984 on Darbar Sahib, Sri Akal Takhat Sahib and other Sikh shrines and committed genocide of Sikhs in an organized manner, for the reasons best known to them. 

I am also utterly confused as to what is going on? Similarly as you have written to me, “We are utterly confused as to what is going on?” 

My question is when you people were not confused? 

Can you find out the answers? I suspect………… all at this stage, the way you are proceeding and behaving since long. Here is not the end. I may write more if escaped and could remain un-harmed by the Indian agencies, actively in active connivance with so called pro-militants and “Khalistani” political parties and Organizations directly and indirectly doing so financially, mentally etc as hints already provided to you through my raised questions above.  

Long back in the year of 1992-1993, Indian government and its agencies got surrendered living past all “Khalistanis and Militants” and at the same time now the government  is in process to  bring up new born and dummy Khalistanis and Militants in order to terrorize the people and opponents in the coming Punjab assembly elections. 

You know better than me, if still pretending to be ignorant, go through propaganda like the literature, news, essays being published in newspapers, TV etc especially belonging or run in the name of so called pro-militants and “Khalistani” Political parties and Organizations. Their trend is clearly pro-ruling party though they look like preaching the policies of Sardar Simranjit Singh Mann and the Sikh ideology.  It is nothing but an exercise and another type of attack on real Sikh norms and values for defaming Sikhs as a whole by projecting their artificial militant face by creating division among them. 

Your team will not provide any answers to my questions or query but only interested to know my mind. I am aware of it. 

I pray to God that better sense shall prevail to maintain the spirit of ‘Sarbat Da Bhala’ the principle enshrined in SRI GURU GRANTH SAHIB which is being violated with impunity since 1978 and continuing so against Sikhs in India. 

Dear, Amandeep Singh ji, you are requested to read my ‘open letter’ along with your sent emails and all replies from my side on the subject. Thanks 

With regards to all concerned whoever wish to research the ground realities prevailing presently in Punjab.

Balbir Singh Sooch, Advocate, Ludhiana
Amandeep Singh Commented:

Respected Sardar Balbir Singh Ji Sooch, 

We have immense respect for your honesty and hard work and do not wish to annoy you. Also I am not aware of ground realities, which you know better. 

We can only wish that all of you come on the same platform. 

Rest no hard feelings we will continue to respect your work. 


Amandeep Singh 

Reply by Balbir Singh Sooch: 

Sardar Amandeep Singh ji,


Thanks for your liberal attitude and contacting me on telephone as well for opening your heart and clear cut reply that you are not aware of ground realities. I know that personally you have nothing against me.

With regards 

Balbir Singh Sooch, Advocate, Ludhiana
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