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Balwant Singh must go in appeal
Sikh Vichar Manch is of the opinion

(Beant Singh Murder Case) 

The supporters and well-wishers of Balwant Singh as Sikh nationalists wherever they are must agree and press Balwant Singh to file appeal separately explaining the circumstances under which he confessed and the atrocities of Indian government, authorities and agencies created the circumstances of confession from him.  

“Khalistan as a slogan only” is initially the creation of Indian agencies and the agencies are still maintaining the same ‘status quo’ to project them (Sikhs) as separatists in order to crush and eliminate them for all the times to come even hereafter. Be cautious. 

The Sikh Vichar Manch does express its opinion regarding the circumstances based on logic and practical experience in two poems recently in this case and other writings published/ displayed on the web and log on at: 

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Hope for the positive response and must show and express as an honour to represent yourself before law for justice even though it is being manipulated by the investigating agencies and others for greed, under pressure & influence and due to the reasons of inefficiency in a corrupt and spoiled system like India.   

All concerned are requested to positively weigh and not to  hastily ignore the suggestion of the Sikh Vichar Manch. Thanks 

Balbir Singh Sooch
Chief and Spokesperson
Sikh Vichar Manch

August 5, 2007

Cry for Justice
Human Rights
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