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It is the need of hour to be cautious for new Sikh activists because the surrendered living Militants/Khalistanis and their opportunist’s associates in the garb of Human Rights Groups/Organisations etc in Punjab and elsewhere are presently working actively but separately obviously as Antagonists and Informers. Information collectors in cavity are doing their assigned job for their selfish ends but for whom, at whose instance! Nothing can be said clearly and specifically. Only God Knows? 

Here to name a few among the surrendered living Militants/Khalistanis turned into Human Rights Groups/Organisations etc, who had already said good-bye to the concept emphasized in Sikhism of self-sacrifice for noble cause and justice, but followed it in violation previously, shall be injustice to those whose names may remain un-noticed. 

In fact, this is not the business of the opportunists to glorify the Sikh religion with reference to the present serious confrontation, though new Sikh nationalists are far smarter and more patient than they were known to be in the past still the cautious approach is the need of hour.  

It is not wrong to say in this case that the mislead followers of “Dera Sacha Sauda”-‘Dera Sauda’ if allayed of their fears and assured full safety and security they would voluntarily leave such type of “Derawad” to join their respective dignified mainstream of society. 

Today even common literate man understands the extent of destruction and evil actions of such hypocrites carrying out their unlawful business in the name of religion. Majority of the innocents, poor, simpleton, illiterate citizens from all communities are followers of such hypocrites in India for the reasons of illiteracy at the instance of unscrupulous elements including politicians and government agencies.  

Even at present, the surrendered living Militants/Khalistanis etc are keen to achieve their selfish end to grab power through the confrontation with the present government of AKALI/BJP combine in connivance with Congress and central agencies. 

Nothing should be allowed to happen under any circumstances, at the cost of principles and precedents enshrined in Sikhism. For maintaining law and order the rule of law must not be ignored so far as the self-respect and dignity of each individual is concerned. The formulae of checks and balance are the only remedy under the circumstances. Rest is the WILL OF GOD.  

Balbir Singh Sooch, Advocate, Ludhiana
Chief and Spokesperson;
Sikh Vichar Manch 

May 26, 2007

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