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 I Am Childish to Expose the Spoiled System
By Balbir Singh Sooch, Advocate, Ludhiana

Dear my child-Sikh youth-no name given to you by the Guru or your parents to identify you and you are so brave hiding your identity. Are you really Sikh youth not something else. Are you not challenging, ‘Now COMEON Balbir’ me who is like your father and that’s only for the sake of argument due to your own untold compulsion, pushing or compelling you? 

I am a lawyer by profession who is supposed to rarely give advice or share his experiences especially with people or kids like you without their asking, approaching and charging the consultation fee.  But, I voluntarily opted to do so, may be because of my innocent background or unethical and childish legal behaviour, for the reasons, I failed to earn like others. 

I always stay among the people who have different views and always learn a lot from them.  

I understood you are liberal in the sense to enjoy life and also understand the Punjab policies and don’t bad mouth them in a negative way. You may be against pseudo khalistani leaders (like me) , those residing abroad and these missionary cult from Punjab is damaging our Punjab (They are supported by the Indian central agencies as a part of their policy). 

But, I wish to submit before Sikh youths, not to say anything against those who sacrificed innocently or otherwise for the cause and their sacrifice being cashed by the agencies, you may call them, “All these pseudo khalistani leaders residing abroad and these missionary cult from Punjab is damaging our Punjab”.  

Good! You also taste many bad things and many good of India. Again, I am childish to expose the spoiled system for my own disadvantage and accepting the challenges from people like you, enjoying different tastes of life of India and abroad.

You are too late or too young to advise me or to say, “About Sikhi life in practice and about respecting age old maryada, listen to those who got some jeevan. Finally give respect to Akal Takht Sahib!”  

You seem to possess very idealistic views without practicing those as an idealistic human being. Please see: Guru Tegh Bahadar, An Ideal Human Being; 

Please go through my writings, views including comments and similarly more published and linked on my website: , then you shall feel free to decide like a prudent man or as fundamentalist (s) whether I am a Sikh or not?  

Oh my child! Like you, who issue certificates to Sikhs are fundamentalists to me. 
Please do refer 'Sikh Youth' 

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I Am Childish to Expose the Spoiled System

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