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Is Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh incompetent?

Is Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh incompetent? Corruption versus Freedom or vice versa! The rise or fall of India! Leadership Crisis! We have right to disagree with the views expressed individually or otherwise on the subject. There are people who agree that time may come, the World would discuss as how India remained united in face of spoiled system and being a leaderless country for a long period especially when Dr. Manmohan Singh was Prime Minister and his policies were prevalent without any other remedy in sight for India?  

Then only 2-3 reasons are likely to be considered in reference to the circumstances presently prevailing and beyond control e.g. 

1.                   Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh and his policies provided oxygen and artificial breathing to the country since 1990 onward economically as well as allowed looters (Politicians) to loot the country without any check to keep them mum and busy. 

2.                   The criminals suppressing the honest were running the country in the field of administration etc by silencing people in India without justice in absence of ‘Rule of Law’.  

3.                   The Multi-National Companies entered as friendly invaders like agencies to keep reviving India economically without inferring in the administration and suggesting any reforms except gaining ground for their own establishment to establish permanently in India.  

To my mind, there is nothing to add except someone might give different and biased interpretation to the reasons but truth shall prevail through evolution without any bloodshed.  

Thanks to all those who are mastermind in the process. 

Balbir Singh Sooch, Advocate, Ludhiana
January 16, 2008


The statement is a clear cut confession though differently and by shifting the blame that the Indian system is being run by criminals or running at their instance presently.

Is Dr. Manmohan Singh a mask?

Whoever blaming Dr. Manmohan Singh, Prime Minister of India for the spoiled present set up, is trying to say and the inference could be drawn safely and correctly that Dr. Manmohan Singh is a mask i.e. false face in the prevailing Indian criminal system like BJP leader Vajpayee ji, communist leader Som Nath Chatterjee ji etc. 

But rest all behind is totally a criminal network operating in the name of democracy and secularism to project the falsehood of unity and integrity of India. 

Isn’t the system worst modern but hidden dictatorship defeating all internationally accepted presently norms and values of the World?


Vigilance Bureau  brings volume of documents to court

The way system in action in coordination with each other, is it easy to identify the promoters of criminals in India*?

For example, the Vigilance Bureau proposes the prosecution legal team disposes.

What a strange story of collapse of judicial system?

Why? Really, no body knows about it. As reports coming in, the Vigilance Bureau proposes the prosecution legal team led by District Attorney Mitr Sain Goel (As per my information received, he is frankly confessing it*) disposes to favour the accused in the case.  

The way, former Chief Minister of Punjab, Captain Amarinder Singh got reception from the lawyers matter and the silence of the prosecution legal team to favour the accused might be another case of investigation for Vigilance Bureau hereafter in case there is no mutual understanding between the parties.  

The prosecution legal team did not argue the case at the preliminary stage itself against the accused on the alleged line arguments were prepared and decided to advance and stress forcibly what to talk of leading the evidence as per prosecution story in this case hereafter. 

It shows that deputed mediators for award must have worked hard in advance to the satisfaction of the accused i.e. more than the Vigilance Bureau and prosecution team with or without the knowledge of the investigation team and the government of Punjab.  

Is it not a fit case to investigate and for action as to how the politicians, influential and rich are helped and remain out of the purview of judicial system in India?  

The common people do have sufficient reason and cause to be frustrated and pessimistic from the outcome in the system with reference to such cases.  

Balbir Singh Sooch, Advocate, Ludhiana
January 12, 15, 2008

 Added after the information received*

VB brings volume of documents to court with the help of a six member legal team led by District Attorney Mitr Sain Goel.

Where is the fault? 

Every body is expressing his feeling that all this exercise finally to prove futile in the eye of law as usual by supporting with the history and fate of such cases in the past despite all pain and time consuming costly but in record time bound alleged to be flawless investigation and the prosecution story against the accused. 

Is there any cause of serious apprehension in the minds of common people that law is inoperative in India against the politicians, influential and rich? 

I myself being a lawyer here in the field do agree and always experience the cause of injustice and absence of Rule of Law. 

Is there any honest who can come forward to say more or anything positively regarding the system? 

I am optimistic that days are not far away when the justice shall prevail to the satisfaction of all including poor and the system is definitely likely to change and a new picture has to emerge for justice to all. 

Balbir Singh Sooch, Advocate, Ludhiana
January 11, 2008

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