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Welcome to the Sikh Vichar Manch-Thought Provoking Forum for Justice


The biased attitude of the communal
Hindu parties in India

There are two faces of a coin i.e. two communal Hindu Parties-Congress and BJP (JAN SANGH) in India and the remaining minorities are not politically acceptable as separate identities in India. For your survival, you have to side with one directly or indirectly. Mr. L.K Advani openly announces during election tours at the time of elections that first of all, voters must vote for BJP and in case some voters do not like BJP then in that situation they must opt to vote for Congress only. You decide in this context, where your leadership stands?

Whether the hapless minorities understand their respective leadership in the context and its political relationship with communal Hindu Parties i.e. Congress and BJP (JAN SANGH) in India and as to how by silencing the puppet leadership in a different way, the minority's cream is always eliminated / liquidated as happened in a planned manner in Gujarat and Punjab in order to demoralize them religiously, socially, politically and also to weaken them physically and morally?

There is nothing secret about the policy being followed and adopted against the minorities and regional parties in India. The any political conflict and contradiction on issues between these communal Hindu Parties-Congress and BJP (JAN SANGH) in India is only always a stage managed drama and propaganda. The way Sikhs frightened in Punjab and elsewhere made to think safe with BJP and similarly Muslims scared in Gujarat and elsewhere and being attracted with a promise of safety and their development by Congress. It is all Indian agencies work to finish and demoralize the minorities religiously, socially, politically and also to weaken them physically and morally? Rest is political gimmick.

Under the circumstances, if the minorities and regional parties working under their respective leadership do not understand the communal malafide intention and biased attitude of the communal Hindu parties then in that case only God can help them and they can not expect anything good from minority's dummy and false leadership in face of the so called major 'secular' known Hindu communal parties in India.

Choice is yours as to how far you can come forward for rescue of the minorities and educate to your leadership to have and safeguard your separate political identity for your survival in India.

Nothing more to suggest and advise to you all by an ordinary and a common person like me. Nothing left except cry for justice. *

Chief and Spokesperson

Sikh Vichar Manch

Mobile: 98143-34544 


Date: Tue, 12 Dec 2006 10:59:59 +1100

Dear Advocate Balbir Singh Jee Sooch, Sikh Vichar Manch, 

Million thanks for explaining the two sides of the same false coin. 

I have never been a voter in Punjab but if we go over the past years since 1947 and especially after 1984, Sikhs have not only lost their homeland but also Sikh religion as it is now fully enslaved by Congress/RSS/BJP/Punjabi Parties. Sikh Leaders whether Political or Religious have lost their credibility and they have  been behaving worse than peons and slaves.

As an ordinary Sikh, on several occasions I have requested the Sikh leaders to disassociate from Congress, Communists, BJP and other parties, and form one United Party of Sikhs / United Akaali Dal/Party by the end of this year and contest the next Assembly Election as one Party. No Sikh should vote for other parties. Never mind, even Sikhs may not get majority in Punjab Assembly. Bad Dal and other factions should know that during 1960's Jan Sangh was having only two MP's and now they have been ruling India through different routes. I shall, therefore, be grateful to you if you could please request them that they should all resign from the membership of Congress, Communists, BJP/RSS, including CM Captain Amarinder Singh, Rajinder Kaur Bhattal, Brar and all MLA's. 

When Guru Sahibaan had sacrificed everything for the sake of Sikh Tenets, why can't they abandon their Hindu membership especially when Sikhs got nothing since 1947? 

With best wishes and Charhdi Kalaa,

Gurmit Singh (Sydney)


Respected Sardar Gurmit Singh ji, 

Thanks very much for conveying a serious notice to all for their prompt and immediate consideration and action in view of the miserable conditions / situation prevailing here like an untold story.

Your message through the well wishers and the Sikhs who matter in the context must have reached for further suitable and effective action to all.

There is nothing wrong if under the circumstances, the persons or representatives of the minorities within or sitting abroad approach to the real democratic countries of the World to pressurize India for justice to prove her democratic face as a welfare State and for grant of independence to the minorities by dividing India into manageable independent segments otherwise there can not be any relief from the State discriminatory cruelty and atrocities being experienced endlessly in India.

Balbir Singh Sooch

December 12, 2006

Cry for Justice
Human Rights
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Copyright Balbir Singh Sooch, Chief and Spokesperson, Sikh Vichar Manch, Ludhana, Punjab (India)