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No answer as none is ready to bell the cat

Balbir Singh Sooch Advocate, Ludhiana


Police in general always change their unbearable inhuman language, attitude time to time and does manipulations to charge the parties for penalizing them by misusing different penal provisions for lower or maximum crime at will unchecked in proportional and according to the rate of bribe paid and likely to be paid by the party/parties and for other considerations and the influence used by the party/parties. 

It is beyond any doubt that not even single individual can approach to Police Station to get address his grievances or to lodge a complaint what to talk of lady alone approaching police for the purpose.  

From the news like Cop snatching money from a man and the collection of money/monthly/booty by way of such sex scandals etc as reported almost daily have become matter of routine for serious concern, do prove that now stage has reached when law abiding citizens are not safe even on roads from the law and order maintaining agencies itself in India.  Then as to why not terrorist, touts/cats/criminals encouraged by and in connivance with such forces of State terrorism or otherwise should enjoy the field for their nefarious activities?  

Are the rulers, opposition, NGOs etc of this country ignorant about all this happenings and reasons of crimes at large scale in India? Why they are silent? They do play sometime in gallery as a bargaining just on the shoulders of others for publicity, news and benefits like to get settled or keep their near and dear ones gone abroad illegally untouched as a part of State terrorism.  

Is it all going on with their knowledge for the reasons and they are also being compensated for their silence in kinds or by any other corrupt means?  

Under the circumstances, it is safe to conclude that the knowledge of the reasons of crime and the silence is also part of the State terrorism and injustice and the State terrorism and injustice seen in India is ahead of all and in position any time to disturb the peace of whole World.

May 19, 2008

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No answer... 

Though the eye witnesses or culprit and criminal would never dare to speak as to why such incidents of snatching and taking bribe from citizens being an open practice from top to bottom in the most corrupt but responsible for providing justice and marinating law and order departments in the country especially in Punjab?

Petty policemen heard by passer-by saying and justifying their similar illegal open act after pocketing Rupees 300 from a migrant labourer that each policeman is forced and bound to pay to his respective head minimum Rupees 70 daily to remain posted at a particular place of choice for the fixed tenure otherwise his fate and service is not guaranteed by his superiors.  

From this, it is not difficult to understand level of corruption and other crimes etc as how these are sponsored and supported from bottom to top in India.

Is there any solution in sight of the sponsored State terrorism, evil of all evils including terrorism? No answer as none is ready to bell the cat.

Submission by Balbir Singh Sooch

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Cop held for snatching money from man

Express News Service 

 Ludhiana, May 16 A head constable has been booked for allegedly trying to snatch money from a city resident on Friday. The incident occurred last night.

It has been learnt that around 10 pm, Chander Shekhar was coming out of an ATM of Allahabad Bank on Chandigarh Road after withdrawing Rs 5,000.

As he was about to leave for his home in Sector 32, constable Janak Raj hitched a ride from him.

Shekhar readily agreed but mid-way, the policeman allegedly tried to snatch the money from him.

Shekhar raised the alarm and people gathered on the spot. Eyewitnesses claimed that the head constable tried to pressurise them saying he was from the Division Number 7 police station and that he would get them arrested in a false case.

Raj was finally handed over to the police. The police have recorded the statements of the accused head constable. 

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