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nationalism, spirit of sacrifice AND DEVOTION
Mumbai Terror Attack

I served in Indian Air Force and practically experienced nationalism, spirit of sacrifice; devotion and co-existence from within and in my companions may be difficult to define here in a few words.

But in politics of the country, I found everyone corrupt, selfish, and communal ideologically and otherwise stands divided leaving here and there a few exceptions which do not matter in the system.

No-one is unaware or innocent about all this running the system and for the reasons; the spirit of sacrifice, devotion and nationalism is missing altogether in the given circumstances.

Who has a will power to correct the system?

The honest is being named as foolish and considered out of main stream in this country. Whoever is out of the mainstream feared to be leveled as anti-nationalist and what not what?

The honesty is a threat and dishonesty is asset presently and since long in my country.

To my mind, all these factors are there to help and assist any kind of terrorism in India. The terrorism is a curse and death trap for countrymen and the men in uniform but it might be a source of vote-bank for the politicians under different heads. 

Submission by
Balbir Singh Sooch

November 28, 2008


Subject: Mumbai Terror Attack -- your views needed
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